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Stupid ? about kitten growth

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Okay, like I said, this is a sort of stupid question. Zissou is eight and a half months old. She's growing like a weed.
My question is, her head doesn't look like its growing. Her body looks basically full-sized. But her head looks disproportionately small.
Is this just growing pains? Is she going to even out, or just have a small head?
I just gave her her monthly bath (cause of my allergies, to get the dander out) and she is about perfectly fat/skinny. Not too skinny, not too fat. So that is not why her head looks little. Also, when I look at my neighbors' cats Zissou looks huge in comparison, and they're adults. But the heads are the same size.

My embarrasing confession is that I keep thinking her collar is too tight and its keeping the grow juice out of her head (I know, its not true at all). If anything the collar is too loose, as I can get three fingers under it very comfortably.

Am I just crazy?
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I don't know about this, I will leave this to someone with more experience. Usually the head is big and the body has to grow into the head. It may be genetics or just her age? I don't know.
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I noticed with my babies that from age 6 months to 18 mos their head seemed to fill out a lot proportionately, esp when I look back at old pictures. It would help if you posted a pic if you could. I don't think the collar has anything to do with it.
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You're just crazy
I'll bet the longer you stare at him the weirder he looks, right?

All animals grow in leaps and spurts. Some months they're all legs, then they do nothing but put on body size for weeks. He'll have a head spurt any day now and even out.
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I thought the same thing with my Anna. She always looked unproprtioned growing up. Now she is 5 yr. old,about three inches taller than my other two,and she still has that tiny head! She's also the most vocal!!
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She's probably in one of those strange kitty growth stages. I know that Trent always grew his ears first, then the rest of him caught up - he looked really funny at times!
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Kittens grow at different rates and portions. I'm sure she will look ok by the time she's 18-24 months old. Don't worry about it. As long as she's growing and healthy and eating ok, she's fine.
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When I look back at pictures of my kitties when they were about a year old, their heads look small to me ... now they have huge noggins I think it will just take a while for her body to fill out for things to look like they are in porportion.
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I know how you're feeling! My rambo is growing in random spurts. I swear from one day to the next he grows by pounds and inches. Right now he still looks like he hasn't grown into his legs. I call it his gawky teenage period! Doesn't like his friends to see him cuddling with mommy either! lol If he keeps growing till he's 2 years old i might be in trouble...he's probably already 14+lbs!
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my family used to have a cat that just had a really small head... she could have a small head or like everyone lese has been saying, its just a wierd growth spurt
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Beauty's is 11 and her head looks smaller then the rest of her body...of course she is overweight (and LOSING).

Luna was all legs at her "teens stage". She looked odd, but after she turned a year it all caught up.
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I'm glad to know its not just me! (Or, it is and I'm just crazy!)

Yes, the more I look at her the weirder she looks. Now she looks like her butt is huge and her whole front, including her head is small. Sometimes I swear she grows overnight! She was all legs at around 5 months, and all tail- really!- at three months. Wouldn't you just know she'd grow up in a few months to have a huge head?

Eh, as long as she doesn't fall over one way or another she's beautiful to me!

Oh and, "He'll have a head spurt any day now and even out" sounds so very much like a horror movie. A head spurt? Best new phrase of the day.

Aren't cats just so funny?
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Haha! I didn't catch the "head spurt" thing....that sounds like something we'd say here in Tennessee!!! That IS a good one!
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