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Brought my Maine Coon home!!!

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Hey guys, I just got back from a show weekend. I got to bring home my 3 month old Maine Coon baby. He comes from an AWSOME breeder. He's just a little doll. He is very attached to people, he has slept on my head for 2 nights already. When he hears you coming, he runs to come see you. I have been waiting a long time to find just the right breeder and I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have him home!!!

Here's Mannahatta's Mr.Mischief of Sandkats
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What a doll!
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Looks like another scene stealer in the homestead........Cute Cute Cute!!!
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What an absolute doll !!!!
I've never seen a baby-MainCoon yet ; it's lovely !!!
are this typical American cats
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How adorable!!! He is really cute

What will you call him? I doubt you'll call him his full name, so I was just curious! Just Mischief perhaps?
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Oh Sanide he's just GORGEOUS!!! , absolutely adorable!! I wish I had got to see my Maine Coon as a kitten - they are SOOOOO cute!!! He looks like a bundle of joy...
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What a sweetie! Give him a snuggle for me please - I miss having little kiddens to hug!
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What a little cutie! I just love his coloring. He's just beggin' for snuggles!
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Here I am, following Heidi, as usual. Did you notice that, Heidi? Jessica usually follows you too.
Anyway, I'm jealous of Sandie and Rhea now, but I still have to say he's a little dollbaby!
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Actually Maine Coons are not originally from America. They come over on the Mayflower and were, at that time used as mousers. The reason they are called Maine coons, or so the story goes, is while the mayflower landed in Mass. they probably migrated to what is now New Hampshire, but was then part of Maine, and continued northward. The reason they are called Coons is because waaaaaaaaaay back then, it was thought they had mated with Racoons because of the tail similarities.

I have to say that this little bundle has a very different personality than any other kitten we've owned, while he is a sweethaert, you can see the wildness in everything he does... hard to explain.. but he is a kick. He's developed this habit of sitting on Sandie's shoulders hehehe I can't wait until he's about 20+ lbs and is still doing it....

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What a little beauty. His face is so pretty, a little unusual, kind of lika lion's.
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What a cutie. I've never seen a maine coon kitten before.
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That is an adorable kitten!!!!!

And thanks for the background information on them, Ken, I was wondering where they originally got their name!
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He is beautiful and looks like so much fun!

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He's Beautiful!!
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Oh, he's very cute! I love the big head on that slender little body.

I was wondering what you're going to use for his call name, too. I thought maybe Chief, from mischief
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Congratulations on your new addition. I have to say that I've totally fallen for the breed since I got my Maine Coon last summer, she's the most amazing cat I've ever met. Very calm, very friendly, not at all standoffish, loves to be around people and she comes to meet me at the door when I come home, too. Of course she has her moments of running around like a crazy cat (and being as large as she is, the noise is unbelievable when things fall over etc...) so she's not calm all the time by any means, and when outside on a harness she looks like she belongs there- she's just so comfortable outdoors, listening to all the sounds, lying down in the grass etc. And she's amazing with my dogs, gets along with them perfectly, and is almost the same size as them anyway.

Okay, before I go on and on about *my* cat, congrats again and enjoy *your* Maine Coon!
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Sandie and Ken~

He's tooooo cute!
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What a doll baby!

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He looks very cute! I like his name, too....
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