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I also much prefer action movies or thrillers to romantic comedies... Schwarzenegger rules !!! I also like Bruce Lee. But one of my favourites is a female kickboxer called Cynthia Rothrock. She stars in a number of rather bad low-budget films but I can't seem to get enough of seeing a woman kicking ass. The actress actually won some world kickboxing titles : she knows her way around.
I must also confess a taste for 70's blaxploitation films like early Pam Grier (Coffy), the cleopatra Jones series, Shaft, and my favourite, Superfly...
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Heidi, you, probably, read "Zodiac" by Robert Graysmith. In that one, he uses a pseudonym for the killer. Now, that Zodiac is dead, he can publish more information and his real name. Thus, "Zodiac Unmasked". It was jusr released, this year.
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I'll have to check that one out. Sounds really interesting.

I read one called "My Daddy is the Black Dahlia Killer" which was really interesting. It's written by a lady who has recollections of her abusive father killing and disposing of the girl known as the Black Dahlia. Very disturbing, but she seems to know too much... She recalled the events during her regression therapy to help her understand the abuse she suffered as a child.
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