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Those crunchy Sesame sticks. Some places you can by them in bulk! I'll get, say, 2 or 3 pounds of that stuff and it is gone in 1-2 days!!!


Cheese in a can??? They still make that???:laughing:
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Squirt cheese rules! I don't know who decided it was trailer trash food though...I can't even afford it except for special occasions.

Cindy - I have the same guilty pleasure, just different cereals. My absolute favorite was Marshmallow Blasted Fruit Loops. Pure sugar. Unfortunately I can't find them very often. Every adult I talked to loved that cereal, too, but said the same thing - no way is their kid having any!
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I don't like B Manilow and I'm not much of an impulse eater or shopper but...

I own 46 pairs of shoes. And I can think of at least three pair I need to buy.
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Ah, a shoe-a-holic I tend to not by the spray cheese because if I did it would be gone in a day. I pretty much don't buy all the things I really like or else I'd be pigging out all the time. I about died and went to heaven when they came out with reduced fat poptarts, not as good as the "real" ones, but very good in my book!

Welcome to the site! I'm so picky about shoes that even when I want to buy some I don't because I can't ever find ones that I like. Come to think about it, I'm like that with purses too!
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I like to watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Sesame Street . I like the messages they give. I used to hate Mr. Rogers, but now I find him interesting.

I also cry a lot in the movies and in sad shows.

And I like to collect CDS and tapes. I have a library!

When I was in the six grade, I developed a taste for milk bones. Don't tell anyone.
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That's all right , Alicia, we like you just the way you are---crying in front of the tv eating milkbones. Seriously, I flipped it on a couple of times and didn't see Lady Elaine. Well, my kids were all grown, so I thought Mr. Rogers didn't use her any more. My 20 something 6'4" weightlifting son came up for a drink of water, and I said, "I think they've fired Lady Elaine Fairchild. I don't think she's on Mr. Rogers any more." And my son, Mr. Macho said, "They can't do that, can they?" We were both so upset over a puppet! Mr. Rogers made his shows here in Pittsburgh. His home was in Latrobe, about 25 miles from me. He's retiring, but don't worry; there are lots of taped shows, and he'll always be our neighbor! Did you know he's an ordained minister?
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-cry at commercials and sappy shows
-cry at pet stores
-am a book a holic - I buy at least 1 to 2 books a week.
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Hey, Cheryl, I've got you beat on shoes. I have 12 pairs, just in purple. Never mind, how many in other colors. Imelda Marcos is my idol!
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Another confession...I hoard candles...nevermind that I have a box full of them in the closet, and a ton of them elsewhere, I can't get enough of them!!! I love smelling them in the stores, but then I have to buy them...I have 15 that are Lilac scented alone! And about 30 more that are other scents....I LOVE them!
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Books, chocolate, and fettucini alfredo! Maybe not in that order!!!
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Ooooh, chocolate! By the way, has anyone tried the new dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses? I keep them stashed, behind my cash register. They're a limited edition, along with extra creamy milk chocolate. We have them on sale, this week - I have six bags stashed at home!
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A fellow candle hoarder! I still have a bunch of them from a store I worked at in Kansas City. I haven't lived there in 3 years. I worked at Yankee Candle last Christmas and got a bunch of them there. I have 2 40 gallon Rubbermaid totes full. I burn them constantly, just can't get enough!
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I got to this thread late obviously because all you just about covered all of my vices, perks, etc. etc.

Licorise saved my life when I first quit smoking, but then I developed hypoglycemia and had to kick the licorise. I swear if one thing don't get you, something else will.

Love chocolate
Can only take B Manilow in small doses
However Barry White is more my style, at least he was 25 years ago!
Cry way too much about everything happy and sad
Husband tells me I've cornered the market on paper towels and bathroom tissue. Really now, who wants to run out of these?
Sugar is public enemy #1.
Last, but not least, cats are my life.
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i'm with you 7cozycats, except i'm 27 and adore dawson's creek and felicity (and am so bummed about the show being cancelled!) guess i'll be splurging solely on chocolate (and little debbie swiss cake rolls!) on wednesday nites until the new season of the creek. pooh.
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Hey Jeanie, I've heard that besides being an ordained minister, Mr. Rogers is also a psychologist.
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I wouldn't be surprised, Lorie. I have never heard him say that, but I know there is sound psychological reasoning behind all that he does. He has a good understanding of children and the things that frighten them.
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When I was seven years old, I was in a bilingual/special school in Buffalo, New York. It was a very hot, frustrating day and the teacher was nagging me because I couldn't understand an assignment. I was so mad that I bit the teacher in the stomach! Needless to say, I was expelled.

I've been watching a lot of Scooby Doo.

I am considering getting a tatoo.
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I cry easily, happy or sad moments in movies, tv shows, even some commercials make me misty.

I love icing. If I make a cake, I save some of the icing, so I can eat it out of the container.

I am 35, and I love the shows Buffy and Angel.
I also listen to loud alternative music like Godsmack and Linkin Park.
I like action movies and martial arts movies.

In a movie, if there is an animal in danger, and 30 people, I'm more worried about the animal.
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Bren1 - action movies and martial arts films are my favs as well. My best friend and I do martial art films marathons. One night we watched all of the American Ninja series. Another was the Bloodsport series (Jean Claude Van "Dam he's gorgeous" is what we call him). I can't watch any of the Toronto Humane society pledge drives - I cry. I have been know to walk in protest marches and have almost been arrested at some of them.
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I love bad horror movies, like "House" or "Evil Dead". I'd rather watch them than chick flicks. I also collect horror movies. I like kosher dill pickles and cheddar cheese-together. I also put ketchup on my macaroni and cheese. I also worry more about animals than people in movies and books. One book I read recently had a killer who would lock families up. One family had an old dog, who eventually died because of being locked up. I had to look ahead, to see what would happen to the dog so I'd be prepared.
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Whew! I thought I was the only girl who hates those cheesy "romantic comedy" chic fliks.

I guess my other confession would be that the only thing I've read (besides the newest Anne Rice) for about the last three years are true crime books about serial killers, FBI profilers and forensic science.
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Ok - here is my food confession. I take 2 Lays extra hot BBQ chips and sandwich a cheesy between them. yum!
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Most of my martial arts flicks are the Jackie Chan or Jet Li movies. I like them better than Van Dam's, even though he is quite an eyeful. I have to admit there is something about Jet Li that is very attractive, too.

My friend Alexis and I are just as likely to choose a shoot 'em up film as a chick flick. We both also love football.
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Heidi, have you read "Zodiac Unmasked", yet? I'm, almost, at the end. I like those true crime books, too. The ones written by John Douglas and Robert Ressler (FBI profilers) are great!
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Gotta say, I also love Jackie Chan and Jet Li films (along with all good horror films and "psycho" kinda films... :laughing: ).... Loved Romeo must Die, and Kiss of the Dragon..... though I'm not too keen on Mr Van Dum... oops sorry, Van Dam.... hee hee.... just joking people.... (don't hate me!!! :LOL: )
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I'm another one who would rather watch a good horror movie instead of a cheesy romantic one. I also like reading scarey books.
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I'd rather watch a good "Thriller" or some kind of intense "on the edge of your seat" film... however I must admit to LOVING a couple of cheesy "romantic comedies" such as Ten things I hate about you, Down to you, and A Knights Tale ( I just LOVE these films and could watch them over and over and over.... :laughing: though I could also watch stuff like Blade a million times too.... in fact, I think I have!! :LOL: )
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Don't tell anyone, but I love Bruce Willis films - especially where he dons a disguise (so you can play "spot Bruce") - in both The Jackel and Twelve Monkeys he dons some excellent blond syrups....

....and I love slushy Dolly Parton numbers - Jolene, Islands in the Stream.

And for those of us in The UK, Aus and NZ - The Tribe (childrens post-apocalyptic TV "drama" series).

The shame of it all
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I have to admit - I haven't seen any Van Dam after Time Cop - the movies just got pathetic after that point. Plus I heard he is wife beater so I won't support him. I loved The One - Jet Li - it was excellent.

I have to admit I am addicted to watching the Toronto Rock professional Lacrosse team - I am going to get season's tickets this year!
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Cindy - I read one book about Zodiac, but I can't remember the name of it exactly. I'll have to check if that's the one. I love John Douglas' books. I have all of them, even his fiction novel and the Crime Classification Manual and Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives. Robert Ressler is good, but he comes off as a real know-it-all, like he personally began profiling for the entire FBI and no one else did anything.
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