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Having a problem.

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Hi all my 3 week old baby kitten Azriel is doing great. I have been talking to a great lady on these forums has been lots of help. I have gotten her advice but thought id through this out there and see what you all guys thought. The first time my kitten pooped it was kind of a toothpaste consistancy (which is what i was told it needed to be) and i had to use warm water to help get it off his fur. The next several times he went while he was sleeping they were in his blanket and pretty hard. He woke up crying onm the 29th i fed him helped him pee and he kept crying i dont know what made me look but i saw he was starting to poop and i helped him he cried when he was going four hard little ones came out and the first one looked as though it might have had a little red in it. So i was told to add veggie oil. I had half of his bottle left on the 30th and put a couple drops then on the first i added some to the new bottle i made. yesterday i didnt add any oil because he seemed unhappy or maybe it was me. He hasnt pooped since the 29th. The nice lady im speaking to told me to rub his belly she has a baby kitten as well and it took her an hour to get him to go. i rubbed for ten minutes last night and then my boyfriend made me feel bad by sayig poor little kitty so i stopped and cuddled with him. He doesnt seem like hes in pain...i just dont know how unhealthy it is for him not to go....i feed him powder formula..please if you have any suggestions let me know...it breaks my heart to sit there and rub and hear him cry because he wants to be left alone but i dont want him to get sick. PLEASE HELP
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Azreal, I think you should take your kitten to the vet. You seem very anxious over this little baby and I think it would help you a great deal if someone could examine the kitten and let you know after seeing it in person if it was doing well or not. I was unsure of my little orphan kitten's BM's last Friday and that's what I did. He said all looked good and I've worried far less and enjoyed the kitten so much more even despite the fact it isn't doing exactly like the general guidelines for a kitten this age say.

This is my first kitten too and the posters here are so kind and helpful but it's no replacement for having a vet look your cat over in person. You will enjoy this much more if you have some in person reassurance and direction.
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I think you should take him to the vet.
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I cant afford another vet bill as this kitten was unexpected and has already cost plenty. everytime i take him they tell me he is doing fine. i just wanted to know if anyone has had this problem with a baby kitten before not going poop for a couple days.
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Unfortunately vet bills go along with the territory of deciding to keep a pet.

If you are this concerned after all the information here that was offered to you I still think you need someone local. If you can't pay another vet bill why don't you call the vet or call a nearby animal shelter and ask if there's anyone in your area that fosters kittens who could give you some local help. When I took my kitten to the vet there was a woman there who had cared for many orphan kittens who offered either to take the kitten or help if I needed it. (My kitten hissed at her so he must have known ). I really think you would benefit from someone in person like that.
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It sounds like Azriel is doing well. This may just be his routine of BM. When feeding powder formula, one must make sure that the correct amount of water is being used. If the formula is mixed too strong, or not shook up completely (which sometimes takes awhile), it can cause constipation.
His picture is adorable, and the name is very cute!!
I would only take him to the vet, if it seems that he isn't gaining weight, or if he goes much longer without a BM. He is still young, and taking him to the vet could compromise his immune system.
I think you may feel more comfortable if you call the vet and explain the situation, he/she may be able to give you advice other than the vegetable oil to use, if constipation is a problem.
I hope that this passes soon. (Pun intended)
We look forward to more pictures.
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