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Before, During, After

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Ok this is a strange thread am going to start and hope it is in the right place. I recall looking at my own pictures Before, During, After my pregnancies so everyone please post your pictures of your furbabies before, During, After pregnancy.
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Well, here's my Kassie...

before preggo...

while in labor under the bed with her partner ...

and a couple hrs after having c-section...
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I like her partner. She likes red heads lol
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Ok grandmas show us your grandbabies.
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I'm sure you've recently seen mine but I love to share so here it goes....

Jada Pre-pregnancy

Jada about 55-60 days along (I forget now)

Jada just given birth to the first 2 babies (Now known as the twins - Zack and Cody)

Jada with her happy family
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Skittles looks really big next to her Jada is so pretty I love the nose marking...
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How old is Skittles? Jada just turned a year old last month so she was already a very petite cat. Plus, she was only carrying 4 kittens. She got lumpy during her pregnancy but never really fat.

Thanks for the compliments on Jada. I love the line down her nose too. When we first got her as a kitten I thought she was a messy looking kitten but as she got bigger her markings became more prominent and beautiful. (She's a dilute blue and orange tortie with just small amounts of the orange.) She's a very sweet cat and everyone who sees my cats goes straight to her to look at her because she looks so different. We love her to death!
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SKittles is a yr now. She was petite at 8 almost 9 lbs now she is 12 lbs 6-7 kittens in her. Her markings are nice too. She has a red tint to the gray on her. Hard to see in a picture. Like a little calico in her.
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I don't have any pictures of Adina before, she came to live with us already pregnant.

During...about 2 wks BEFORE she gave birth (she got much bigger)

After...I couldn't get a good picture of her but you can see she is petite. She and Cassidy are about the same age- 8 months. She weighs in at 8 lbs.
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WOW how many did she hAVE..
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She had 5 kittens. That was a lot for her, she was as wide as she was long. Poor thing is getting worn out now that the kittens are 3 1/2 wks. It doesn't help that she is now nursing two orphaned kittens and occassionally the runt from Cece's litter. We will have her spayed in a about a month.
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Wow only 5 .....Skittles has 6 or 7
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Oh, they are so fun! I have a total of 11 kittens right now, now thats too many!
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I have all the time in the world ooooooooo
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