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worming kittens?

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Okay, all know about my feral Momma Zazou and her kits. Well,
the fab 4 are doing fine. But... I have noticed very small
but definitely tapeworm segments dried up where the kittens
roam. Meaning - kittens are passing the worms. I knew/know
that kittens get roundworm from Momma, but tapeworm?

Should I worry about worming? Mom is gone
for spay next Friday and then kits are about 6
wks at that time...can they be wormed?

I haven't seen signs of fleas on them... but of course,
Mom may have them...They are fine otherwise.

Real handfuls now! Just begining to meow instead of "squeak"!
I have 2 very friendly ones that come right up to me, and 2
shyer guys that hang back. Mom of course likes it not when
I go near babies! Hissy, hissy hissy she is. All put out!!
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Why not take a kitten stool sample in and tell your vet you are seeing segments?
Tapeworm meds are pretty strong stuff, and I would definitely want vet input before I dosed them. Conversely- tapeworms can suck up the kittens nutrition fairly quickly, and you would hate to see them be nutrient deficient at this very formative stage of their life.

So you need to dose them as soon as it is safe, and only your veterinarian can answer the question of when thatmight be, as well as prescribe the meds.
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