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Evening Walk

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Nakita was literally crawling up our leg last night wanting to go for a walk. Of course, we had to follow her orders.

Love this profile of Nakita and Rob in the setting sun.

Nakita standing guard:

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Cool pics Nakita is quite beautiful
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Gorgeous! I also love the effects you're using. I especially like the filter you used on the first one...perfect!
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Kass, the greying effect in the second works really well with Nakita's coat color. It's like she's turning the whole world (russian) blue!
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Awww! Beautiful photos.
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I´m Speechless KASS!...She´s soooo deeply beautiful! ( Nakita!)....
Fantastic work!
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Greeat photos! And she is so beautiful as well.
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Love the pics, keep em coming!
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Thanks guys!
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