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Hey Everybody

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At 18:27 today my housemate came and awoke me from my slumber to help her as she could hear wierd noises coming from the back of her dreesing table draws.....and guess what....our holly is currently in the process of having her little kittens. Without any complications so far and with still more to come, i thought i'd share this little bit of really good news with everyone.

Also, i would sincerely like to thank everyone that has offered advice to me during the course of her pregnancy, and i look forward to having pictures to share with you once they have all been born and are safe and well....

YAY...we've got 4 or 5 just now but its hard to tell the exact number as we dont wanna move her.

kindest regards, gr8m8
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Congrats on a smooth delivery! Now the ~real~ fun begins!!! *grin*
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AWWWW congradulations!!!!!!
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Congratulations! Keep us updated! Can't wait for pictures!
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How many now.. WOOhoo Holly
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any updates?
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