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Kittens 6 days old

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Jada's kittens are 6 days old today and 2 of them have their eyes half open. Is it early for this? Also, is there anything I should watch for? Right now they look half open from the inner eyelids and I see no gunk or pus or anything yucky. I'm assuming that's a good sign?
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Yes it is ok and no icky stuff is great. Way to go Jada...
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One of Taz's babies opened one eye fully at 3 days, i thought she would be blind at least in that eye, but shes not, just keep your lil one outta brightlight, you dont want to hurt her eyes
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My new babies are about a week old and they have their eyes open, kinda scarey I also have one who is 3 wks and his eyes aren't completely opened yet, now that really worries me
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My kittens are 8 days old,and their eyes are just starting to open, but I have read this can happen from 5 days up to two weeks!!
Hope this helps
Lilicat x
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Here is a great post on kitten eye issues ... hope it helps.

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