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I've been after a cat forum for some time, I just found this one. I'm happy now.

I own a black moggie called Suki, I do have pictures and I'll post them soon. I know we can't keep a rug on the floor neat for a few seconds, she runs in, jump on it and kicks it to death. Now we just leave the rug all messed up so she can play with it.
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Welcome, BuNN! I'm pretty partial, but this really is a great site/forum. It's pretty active, and everyone is so nice and helpful.

OOOOHHHH! I black kitties!! I have one myself, Trent, who is just a kitten in a big cat's body. I also have a little black and white girl who tries to be the perfect little lady, but sometimes she loses her composure for her favorite toys.

It's amazing how they can get us to alter our decorating in our houses. I have a velvet Christmas tree skirt in my living room because they just love laying on it. They had enough of a fit when we took the tree down and put everything away that we just kept it out.
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Do they have 'mad fits' of running around the house? I bet they do Tail half cocked and running at full tilt, the funny thing is ours LOVES being chased. You run around with her and after a while she'll just collapse in a black heap. You can also spend a fortune on cat toys and they'll just ignore them, we just stick to string and some toy mice which she adores (and of course the rug she likes to destroy).

In the picture I posted she's jumping onto my computer desk. I bunged a cushion up there for her to sit on, now she sits there while I work.

She has the run of the whole house, except the bathroom, for obvious reasons and has numourous sleeping areas. Her current fave is on top of a huge cupboard, she likes to sit there and survey her domain
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Hi, BuNN. I'm glad you found us. Have you posted under New Cats on the Block yet? My cats chase each other all over the house too, and love the "very expensive" paper bag they play with. However, my cats love to go into the bathroom with me. They have to supervise, you know, and make sure I wash behind my ears!
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Hi BuNN....Glad to have you here!!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your cat!!! You will enjoy it here, everyone is very friendly, so jump right in and post all you want!!
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