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Ernie won't eat....(sorry long!)

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Hey all...as you might have heard, my sister turned over a stray tom to me that i'm going to foster until it gets neutered/vaccinated. He was dumped in my sister's subdivision and she started feeding him (Science Diet Sensitive Stomach - which she had on hand for her cat). I brought him back on Sunday and he didn't eat anything but a few temptations, so monday I tried tempting him with wet food, warmed up stinky fish wet food, catnip on food and tuna. He ate some tuna yesterday but refused to eat it today. I had mixed in some Eukanuba sensitive stomach (foster momma's food) in with his science diet since i didn't have much of that and he refuses to eat it. I'm getting worried because he's already very small from being on the street, he did get vaccinated and given drontal last night to get him started on the way to adoption. Could this be affecting his appetite too? Any ideas on getting him to eat? Could being trapped inside be causing this? Where he is there are some windows but he doesn't seem intersted in looking out or anything.

He's got me worried...any thoughts, hints, suggestions? I've tried everything i can think of....
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Do you know whether he actually likes wet food? If you was eating Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, I'd get some of that ASAP, and get some food into him. A lot of cats will refuse a sudden switch in foods.
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thanks jcat, i just went and got some SD for him. He ate about a dozen pieces of it, but only if i pulled them out of the dish and put them in front of him. He so far has refused every kind of wet food i've offered him from my foster stash of wet food...and some of my cats holistic stuff. No go. I might try buying a can of Fancy Feast for him.
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If he refuses the Fancy Feast, he probably really doesn't like wet food. What kind of bowl are you using? Have you tried putting the SD on a flat dish?
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I have him eating out of the food dish my sister had been feeding him with in her garage...he seemed ok eating from it there. That's why i was wondering if it was: a) do to stress of being moved and being inside or b) results of vaccine and drontal or c) combination of a & b.

the poor guy is just so skinny...

edit to add: i'm just worried if he is eating so little that maybe i should try to force some on him...I would hate to do this but if he's depressed/upset I'm not sure what else to do.
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I wouldn't force food on him just yet. He may be used to very little food, or he may not be quite 100% healthy (has he seen a vet? malnutrition and the street life is not kind to cats) and it might just be too much, too soon... He's eating, and that's the main thing. Keep it up with the "tempting treats" idea, and getting him the food he's used to. If you still have to tempt him into eating after another day or two, a call to the vet is really in order...

Don't let him outside; he seems to have adjusted pretty well to the indoor life if he's not even scratching at doors and windows. Stress at a change of environment, possibly; but he probably would have felt the same stress had you moved him to a different outdoor environment...
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That makes tons of sense Callista, thanks.

Ernie has started eating but he will only eat if i take the food out of the dish and put it on the floor beside him and then sit with him while he eats (i don't know how he picked that up living outside!). He prefers the SD (i think that's the first food in a long time that he got to eat lots of...so he's taken a fancy to it!). He also tried and ate some kitten chow. So far no worms, though when he saw my kitties paw under the door he took a swipe at it and tried to bite it. Not sure what that means for him being around other cats!

thanks all...i'll keep ya posted!
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Back to square one....Ernie is refusing to eat again. I have managed to get a few pieces of dry food into him, no tuna, no wet and not even any treats. He might not be in shape for being neutered if this keeps up. He's going off to my friends for a few days where he can get undivided attention, plenty of cuddles and hopefully some more food. Fingers crossed.
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