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Where to buy Feliway in Canada

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Sorry, I know there's a lot of posts about Feliway but I don't have time to search them all.
I was hoping someone could tell me where I can buy Feliway in Canada. I've been to PetsEctera and a few smaller pet stores with no luck, and I don't have time for an online delivery.
I want to start using it asap in our new apartment we'll be moving into on the weekend. I've taken the boys in there a few times and Wiggies loves it, he has a ball exploring everywhere. Pushkin however is the exact opposite. Poor guy just about has a nervous breakdown and cries the whole time. I'm even thinking of asking the vet for anxiety meds to help him cope.
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I couldn't find it anywhere and I looked everywhere, so I had to get it online.
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Wow, now that's a quick response!
Hmmm, I was suspecting that I'd have to go online. How long does it usually take for delivery?
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I think it was around 2 weeks from Petsmart.com
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Thanks. I think I'll order some anyway - it may make them happier there.
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You're welcome, you might try looking on Ebay to see if you can get a better price.
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Sorry to jump in a bit late, but I bought Feliway from our vet's office (I'm not sure where in Canada you live, but I'm in SW Ontario). It was the diffuser and they only had one in stock (around $80), but they did have it; you might try calling your vet to see if they have any there or if they can suggest another place you might purchase it. We've had to specially order in the replacement bottles that attach onto the diffuser (it kind of looks like a Glade plug-in), but it usually only takes a few days to get those in, and they're about $40.

There seems to be some debate in the pet stores as to whether or not Feliway has been fully tested/studied, so that may be why some places don't carry it: they're not sure if it's safe, or if it really works. I've seen a lot of stuff in here and on other cat sites that suggests it does work (and that it is safe), and my (feline specialist) vet recommended it to us to help with Spike's behavioural problems (Spike is mildly brain-damaged and has a tendency to act like an untrained kitten, despite being ... ohhh ... 3+ years old ). Anyway, that safe/unsafe-useful/useless debate might be why you're having trouble finding it. Good luck!
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Thanks Mirinae. I will go ask my vet. There's a cat hospital here in KW I can check out too.
I did a Google and was horrified by the prices! OMG, I was thinking around $30. Oh well, if it helps save Pushy from a nervous breakdown I guess it's worth it.
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I've had trouble getting it here as well. We visit the St. Catharines, Ontario location of Petsmart and after much searching through the shelves with no luck, I spoke to the manager and was able to get it ordered in for me. I'm not sure how it works with other locations or pet stores, but that solution worked for me. Remember, when in doubt, just ask someone! lol
Good luck finding some!
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