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Dog in my cats territory

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My roomate's dog is staying in our apartment for 2 weeks and I'm wondering what the best way to get the 2 to interact and be friends wold be. The dog has been here for 2 days, the first night I kept my cat in my room to let the dog get used to the new place. The next day I opened my door and let my cat go out if he wanted. Since then they have both just avoided eachother for the most part. They haven't fought at all but every once in a while my cat will sneak up to the dogs kennel while he's sleeping and just kinda stare at him. When the dog is awake and they get close the dog just growls a little and my cat will hiss but they haven't gone after eachother. Apparently the dog has been attacked by a cat with claws before so he's afraid of cats, but my cat has been used to being the only animal since I got him 3 years ago, except for the occaisional friend with a dog showing up and my cat totally freaking out. So are they just going to continue to avoid eachother or is there any way to get them to like eachother. We've been trying to just let them do it on their own, and my cat has started to come out more and closer to the dogs kennel but then he just sits and stares and eventually runs back to my room. Thanks in advance for any help...
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I would definitely maintain the pecking order as You, the Pack Leader; the cat is the Pack Leader's top dog; the dog is the least on the pecking order. This will help ensure that the dog doesn't try going for the cat. Also, I would take the dog out for walks & give lots of unrequested scritches & hugs, grooming, etc., but only outside, otherwise he may do more than growl in an attempt to usurp the cat. And after awhile, the dog may relax enough so that the cat will tolerate him more. Sounds like the dog's body language (which always accompanies growling) is warning the cat not to hang around too long near the dog. If they don't strike up a friendship, don't worry about it too much; they obviously feel fine with the way things are. Bless you for putting up with the situation - it would be great if the 2 pets adjust & become buds.
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Let them do it. My dog and cat now are use to each other and they stay away from each other. They will walk side by side but not even look at each other. Maybe in time those 2 will be ok but I wont force it.
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