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Leaving for the first time.

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Well this weekend I am leaving my little Kiki for the first time. I think it is going to upset me more than her. She is so attached to my husband and me. She runs from any visitors that we have over. Well I have two options. Number 1 is to leave her here while a friend of my husbands comes over here to stay with her. Or to take her to my husbands friends place. I don't know what to do yet. It would be easier on my husbands friend if she stayed at his place. He is the only person that Kiki is even a little used to. If she stays at my husbands friends place I want to take Kiki over there for a visit while I am still there to comfort her. I am going camping for the whole weekend and it is about 2 hours away. I will probably end up coming back everyday for a couple of hours and spend time with her. I would love to take her with me but I would be afraid that she would get out of the camper on me and I would not be able to live with myself if something like that happened. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
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to try and leave them in their own enviorment. If she is as attached to you as you say that will upset her world for awhile and if you can leave her in her own home, this will help. Tell the pet sitter to be very careful coming in and out of the house as she may be upset enough to dart outside to try and find you. Before you leave, leave with kiki an old shirt of yours that is kinda sweaty with your smell, that will comfort her as well.
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I too would have someone come stay at the house or at least have someone come over a few times a day while you are gone. She may hide from your friend, but at least she will be in her own surroundings. It would create more stress to take her away from her house.
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I too agree....leave her at home! I took my girls to a boarding vet for 10 days and the look on their little faces when I walked out haunted me for the entire trip.

We took another two week trip recently and friends came in and feed them...litter box, etc. They were just fine when we got home. SOOOOOO much better than the strange environment.

My Lydia was able to hide under her own bed!! Our friends only saw her once but she was just fine.

Think about it....they have all the time they want to walk on the counters, sleep on your clothes, drink from the toilet!! Hey, it's a kitty party!!

Good luck!! Kitty will be fine at home!
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Kiki got to stay at home and I was only gone for 2 days instead of 3. My husbands friend took care of her. When I came home it was like I had been away for months, Kiki was so happy to see me. We carried on a conversation for about 10 minutes. All I could do the whole time I was gone was worry about Kiki. I think the next time I decide to go some where Kiki is just going to have to go with me. I think I was the one with most of the stress not Kiki.
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Oh do I know what you mean about your stress!!! I was a total wreck when we boarded our husband even suggested we cut the trip short! I just had nightmares about what was going on!
When we picked them up they looked so pitiful in that cage!

The next trip when they stayed home and people came in to care for them they did just fine (so did I!) We just got a little cold shoulder for a few minutes. Home is so much better if it can be arranged!

Now we are preparing to move and I have to arrange for them to fly (ack!!!) and then go into quarantine for 30 days. Good thing I already have lots of gray hair 'cause more is coming!! I am so worried about the whole process. That is how I found this forum....searching for information. So many kind souls have given me tips and directions to look in...what a blessing!!

Take care and hugs to all,
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Peggy good luck with the flying arrangements. I hope everything goes well with your little ones.
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