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My new Kittens!!!

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Hi all,

Still remember me?!! After my Valentine died, I hav a discussion wit' my hubby n' we decide 2 take 2 kittens 2 our home. Its not replacing Valentine but we hav to. B4 married, we decide 2 hav at least 4 cats but now its only 2 left. Kinda strange so we hav a visit 2 our friends n' bought these cutey n' playful kittens - 2 months. Meet our new kittens :-

Betty aka APEX

My hubby sweetheart, Betty.

Muffin aka Zorro

Falling in love with this naughty Zorro.

Me wit' little Muffin aka Zorro

Enjoy it!!!
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Ooooooh look at those little pumpkins

Congratulations on your new babies, their gorgeous!!.
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Awww They are adorable!
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awwww what loverly ickle kittys
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they are sooooo adorable!!!!! That little Zorro looks like a trouble-maker and Betty looks like an absolute sweetheart very cute babies you got
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Awww, aren't they so sweet!!!
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What gorgeous little fluff balls - Zorro looks a bit stunned in that last photo!
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They are so cute!
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Tq 4 all the compliments. At the 1st place, im kinda of phobia of Valentine case. I decide will not having any kitten at all but dun know why, i dreamt of Valentine. I really miss him n I really miss having kittens in the house. So, can u all pls giv advice how 2 avoid the cat flu. I did my responsible by sending all my cats 2 vet 4 the vaccination, dewormed n booster. What happen 2 Valentine is still mystery 2 me. But I know, its fate. N I hav 2 accept it.
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Congratulations on the sweetness!! They are both adorable!!
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