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When do Kittens need to be checked by vet?

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I'm just curious to know at what age do the kittens need to be checked out by the vet? I know when I had to take Kassie back to have her incision checked the day after her c-section I asked them if I was to bring the babies with her and they told me no because they didn't want the babies to catch anything. I know I have to take her back in another wk for her incision to be checked or for the stitches to come out or something, that is if she doesn't have to go back sooner. I will be calling them before I take her in, but I'm curious if I'll most likely leave them home again?
I've read about babies having worms and such...how would I know if they do? What is the typical age for babies to be checked? Or even the age that they would get their first shots?
Sorry for all the questions, I just got to thinking about all these things tonight and wanted to get it out now before I forgot. Forgetfulness has become second nature to me lately.
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that is a great ? I know they need 6 week shots.
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Hi .We got told by the vet, to take ours in to see the vet when the kittens are 3 weeks old. I am in the U.K. so not sure if this is any different in your country.

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Unless you are experiencing problems or the kittens are not thriving, I wouldn't take them in to the vet at all until you are ready to begin vaccinating them - usually at around 6 to 7 weeks of age. They will need three series of vaccines for Panleukopenia, Calici Virus and Rhintraceitis. The first series is given as a sub-q (under the skin, but not into muscle) innoculation or as a spray, intra-nasally. This is repeated twice more, once at about 9 to 10 weeks of age and again for the last time at 12 to 13 weeks of age.

The vet will want to weigh them, examine eyes, ears, nose, mouth, butt ... and he will want to listen to their hearts, their breathing and their bowel sounds.

He may also want to collect a fecal sample to check for internal parasites, so if possible, you may want to try and collect a sample for him from only one of the kittens (if one has worms, all have worms). He will also want to look for evidence of fleas or ringworm.

He will ask you how they are doing, what they are eating, and general questions about their behavior at home. This would be the time to remember all the questions you may have - I always take a list of questions every time I go - and get answers you can understand and implement at home. You may also want to discuss early spay/neuter options if your vet is comfortable with performing those procedures.

Best of luck,

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Cool It is always great to see am learning something here. I love to pick all the tips up
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