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Newest members of our family

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You can see how small they are and their eyes are almost open. I am a little worried about that. Quinn is almost 5 wks old and much bigger.


CeCe is still feeding them but she seems to be confused. While I was putting clothes away this afternoon, I could hear some low growling from the closet. When I looked in I found CeCe nursing Adina's babies. She was growling at Adina who was trying to get to her babies. I wonder if it is to much for her? I got some Nutri-Cal to supplement both moms and I am weaning the two biggest kittens.

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The are adorable.
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They are so sweet but they have been crying a lot. I think they are a little cold, the other kittens are out playing in the room.
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Make up a couple of rice heaters and place them in with the little ones when the big guys are out playing. It will help to keep them warm and cozy.
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Sooooooooo Cute!
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Awwwwwwww, how sweet they look!!!
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I'm a little concerned about CeCe. She has now moved all of the kittens into the closet with Adina's kittens and has made herself at home. As you can see, Adina is not really comfortable with the situation and she ended up leaving. I don't know if CeCe has snapped or if she is just feeling like Super Mom Should I put them in seperate rooms or just let her try and nurse all 11 kittens?

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They are adorable..
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awww too cute, but i would think they need to be seperated.
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Awwww......sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

Well, Spike looked like the two smallest a week ago, he just suddenly poofed out and filled out...I hope that happens to those babies
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Yes, you need to separate them and not allow the two families to get together until the kittens are older and weaned, and even then, make sure there are no fights.

This is important. You are risking them being abandoned by the mother(s) or worse at this young age.

How old are the little ones? You may be messing with them too much and that's causing stress for the mother. Kittens often cry if they are not getting enough to eat, but the situation is causing confusion and that can cause a cat to not feed her babies or take care of them. They need to be back with their respectives mothers and she needs to be allowed to take care of them without another cat or her kittens in the picture.
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Awww...they are all so cute!!! They are really all together in the corner
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I agree with Charmed, up to a point. If the two mothers are familiar with each other and are mutually sharing the nursing duty, then separate the litters but place them close enough to each other that they can see, smell and hear everyone. That way, they are still comfortable that some big bad monster didn't come and steal the kittens and may settle in with their own litter.
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That is the weird thing, up to about 2 days ago the 2 mommas were still hissing at each other. This morning they were sitting in my bedroom doorway grooming each other. They were sharing duties again this morning too, nursing each others babies. The two littlest babies (around a week old) are happy as can be. They are warm and they have two options for meal time. I think I will make a bigger space in the closet so they can all be together but have a little space. I have taken the 3 oldest kittens who are eating solid food to a different room so they only have 8 kittens to feed. Cece still gets in with them and lets them have a snack a couple times a day. She is a regular milk cow This is the same cat that came to me a couple weeks ago on the verge of drying up
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Aw I bet it is such a cute site
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It would make me nervous to have both litters together, but due to your circumstances, I know nothing is "by the book" at your house.

I would be inclined to leave your first rescue kitty and her 2-3 week old kittens together in one room, and CeCe and the newborns together in another. Then let CeCe's bigger kids have visitation with her twice a day, so they can have a little more time with their Mom, until about 6 weeks. I think this will cue CeCe that the (adopted) two little ones really need all her care now, and make sure she does a good job with them. But it also gives her older kittens a little more nursing time, since they had such a poor beginning (being sickly, their Mom being sickly, and them being dumped on your doorstep)!

I've fostered 4 litters in 2 years, and you are fostering 3 litters in 4 I guess your experience trumps mine at this point! So go with your gut...but it is possible for a Momma to adopt a kitten but then change her mind and neglect it...I think by letting CeCe and her two new little adoptees have more time alone together, it may help her keep them.
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