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Need advice for big move...

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My situation is very odd...I am 23yrs old and currently live by myself (very happily might I add ) with my 2 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment. However, due to some not-so-great family issues, I have to move back home to help take care of my sick dad. Problem is...my younger sister lives there and she has 2 dogs that live in the house. 2 hyper Border Collies. I'm at a loss for what to do...One of my kitties is still under a year old, so I'm sure she'll adapt fine, my other cat is about 11 yrs old and he has had spraying issues in the past. (he's doing real good right now, that's why I'm scared of moving home where he might start spraying again) I've talked to my sister and we plan to build a dog kennel in the backyard for the dogs (that way, my cats can live peacefully upstairs with me) Any suggestions for this big move? (I've tried the Feliway before and it didn't work for my older cat) Thanks!
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Is there any way you can leave the cats somewhere else safe til the kennels are built?
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Are the cat's neutered? If not, that could be one of hte problems iwht the scent, and and spraying.

One idea is until they are comfortable in the new place, you might keep them in one room (at least the older one) in a large cage (one big enough for him, bed, litter, and maybe a small cat condo or tree) near a window he can look out of, so he feels comfortable.

It's not cruel, in fact, the safety of it might be comforting to him until he gets used to the scents. Once the dogs are in the kennel, the you can let him out little by little until he gets used to the place.
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I'm planning to postpone the move for an extra month so that we can get the kennel built. And yes, my cats are both fixed. Right now, since I have a 2 bedroom apt, when i go to work, i put the cats in "their room" (together of course) so I think that's helped with his "security and spraying" issues but I'm afraid when I go back home that they will not be able to have their own room (because they will be sharing the master bedroom with me).
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