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Monday's DT

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Well my Victoria day weekend is almost over. I went to a triple feature at the drive in last night ("The New Guy", "Spiderman" & "Blackhawk Down"). The movies finished at about 3:15 am and I was home by 3:45. Boy were the cats happy to see us - I didn't get into bed until 4 am this morning. Let's just say I slept to 11 am. I am about to make some banana bread so that I can take it for my co-workers when I go back to work tomorrow. I hope everyone has a nice day!
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Spiderman is a new release, isn't it? Any drive-ins around here, the last I knew, were running B movies, mostly ones no one ever heard of. I watched the X-Files this afternoon. I had to tape it last night so I could watch Survivor.
Western PA had record-breaking lows and record low highs* for the day. Spring should be back at the end of the week. I hope so.
*Sounds weird, but that's what the weather man called it.
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It's grey and dreary today, and tomorrow we are supposed to get rain.

Hey Jeanie - what did you think of X-Files finale? I was really lucky. Right after the final ending scene, the power went out over the whole city block! I kept thinking, if that would have happened 5 minutes earlier I would have been so MAD! LOL

Hope everone has a great day - or what's left of it!
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