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Ady's Baby !!!!

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Hi all...it is Adymarie's hubby posting to tell everyone of the good news.

Derek Gordon McFarlane was born today at 4:27 pm weighing in at 7 lbs even.

Both Derek and Ady are doing great.

I will try to post more info soon.

Thanks to all who have supported us during this pregnancy !
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Grats, what a lovely boy.
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Congratulations! He is gorgeous!
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Fantastic news!
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Congratulations. From her previous posts, it sounded like a real rush at the end. He's a little darling.
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Oh, thanks so much for posting for Adymarie! Congratulations to the two of you on the birth of Derek! He sure is a cutie!
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Oh what a lovely little kiddo he is! I am thrilled to hear Ady and little Derek are well! I hope your little sweetie at home is doing well also! Congrats to the whole fam and I'm sending mega healing vibes to Ady!
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Oh what a handsome little fellow and a red head to boot. Congratulations!!
at least it looks red to me.
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Wonderful! Congrats! He's so cute!
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Congratulations!! Derek is gorgeous!! Glad to hear that they are both doing well. Thanks so much for coming on and letting us know!
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Happy birthday little guy!
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Oh he is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother! Welcome to our world little guy!
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Did anybody bet 7 pounds?

Congratulations to you both. Two boys eh.
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Aaaaaaaawwww! This is such great news! Im so happy it all went well. HOORAY! Good job Ady!

Beautiful baby! How sweet is this? It's pretty darn sweet.
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Congratulations Ady, John and Kevin, and welcome to the world little Derek! He's a cutie patootie!
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Congrats I'm so happy to hear all went well for mom and baby. Hes one beautifull boy
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Welcome Derek! Ady and John - Love the name you picked for you son and wishing your family all the best going forward.

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Awww, he is gorgeous! I love the name!

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Congrats. I'm so happy everything went well. Derek is such a beautiful baby.
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and welcome to the world little one
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Congratulations John, Ady and Kevin!
Derek is beautiful.
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Awww, what a beautiful little sweetie, congratulations!!!
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Fantastic!! He is beautiful
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Glad to hear all is well.

Congrats to Mum and Dad and Big Brother...


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Many congratulations to you all! He is a gorgeous little one!

Welcome to the world, Derek!
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Welcome to the world Derek! Your Mummy and Daddy have been so looking forward to your arrival and now here you are!!
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He is a beautiful baby.
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