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Back sore after shot?

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Hi all!

My kitty Mochi just got his last FVRCP (yay!) as a kitten. Usually, he has a pretty bad reaction to the shots -- he sleeps for about two days after that and is feverish and cranky. It's been two days now though, and Mochi has been having a sore back the whole time (something new) -- I know because he cries when I try to pet him or pick him up (and he never EVER makes a sound, so this is unusual) and when his sister Emma accidentally sat on his back, he cried and jumped away. Otherwise, he is now eating and drinking and playing almost like normal, just a little lethargic.

Have other kittens had this problem too, and if so, will it clear up?

I work in the medical field (humans) so I have a hyperactive imagination sometimes -- I just hope he didn't get some infection or a possible abscess or something ...
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Did he also get the rabies shot? The last of the kitten shots that mine got included rabies and my cat with a real thin build was very sore. I don't remember if it lasted two days though. I remember that evening when he would get up he looked like an elderly animal with a bad case of arthritis and he was walking real slow.
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Yes there can be a slight discomfort at the injection site but since your baby is reacting so strongly I would call you vet advise him/her of the situation.

Second - why is your VET still administring shots via the back???? In case of Vaccine related sarcomas that is the last place you want one.

In order to help certain vaccinations need to be in the same spot (for example the FeLV vaccine is supposed to be given in the left rear leg) a much better place in case of a problem i.e. tumor and will also help determine which vaccine was the culprid.

I would highly recommend you discuss this issue with your VET.

All the best to your baby!!!
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