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Just moaning...moan...moan...moan......

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Sorry guys but I just want to moan about a friend of mine to people who DO understand.....
Now this gal has abeen a friend of mine for a while, when I first met her she had three cats.. all lovely friendly cats. However about two years ago she bought a new kitty called Gizmo, he was a nice little kitten but as he's got older he's started misbehaving..... toileting on the carpet, scratching the suite etc etc (I've offered advice like "get a scratch mat").... anyway, a while ago she decides she's going to take him to the rescue centre as he "doesn't fit in" and "is a nasty cat", but she's told she'll have to pay a whole £5 have him taken in there, (geee thats soooo expensive... ) so she decides not to - they'll just advertise him in the paper... great.... anyway, while all this is going on I'm trying to convince her to have him neutered (he's now 2 years old and still un-neutered) a) because it may just calm him down, and b) because if she is determined to get rid of him, it will help if he IS neutered. But nope.... she still doesn't want to know. He's just got over being really ill (jaundice I think??) and she wants to get rid of him as soon as possible because..... wait for it..... she wants to get a pair of Bengals that she "might" let have a litter....
Seriously, Im at my witts end with her, I've tried telling her, I've tried hinting/suggesting things, I've tried get angry with her..... but nope, she knows best..... grrrrrr..... and she's just so stubborn she won't even consider any advice I've offered..... does this really bug anyone else??? What else can I do??
Oh and, two of cats have recently disappeared.....but never mind..... she's not bothered at all..... she still see's them in the street but they won't come near her..... but she doesn't mind cos they look like they're being fed.....
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That people disregard animals so. As if they were tools, or property and could be discarded at a minutes notice. I just lost a long time battle with a daughter-in-law over the declaw issue and it just made me ill. Sent her all the facts, showed her the gruesome pics, explained the common sense training of how to get the kitties to behave. But nope, her mind was made up before she asked and these two persians she happened to find at a shelter and now "rescued" are now declawed to save her and her hubby's precious furniture! GRRRR! The thing that really got me, is the cats weren't even acting out at all, she was "projecting" what they might do in the future. Talk about dense! I am still so angry.

But what can you do Rhea? You can kidnap her cats she "sees" on the street and find them a better home, and then she will go out and get her purebreds. It is like smacking your head against a wall and unless you can somehow project into that person an ounce of humanity and some compassion, there is little hope for them. The sad thing is, she is not an isolated case.
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Just makes you want to smack 'em in the head! I got into it with a girl in the grocery store just this morning. She rang up cat food and asked if I wanted any more cats. Apparently she had taken in a friend's 5 cats, a mom with 3 kits, and an intact male. Then she went on to tell me about a cat she had that sprayed and got rid of it. I asked her why she didn't have him neutered, she said she cancelled the appointment and turned him out. She thinks someone took him in. That was it! I lit in to her. I told her she was a disgrace to humaity among other things and hoped she never had children. She was cowering and crying by the time I got done. Someone else came up like they were going to say something, but I guess thought better of it. The security guard acted like he didn't hear me. I guess they won't be glad to see me there any more.
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LOL you go krazy kat!! That's how you tell them!!

My mom has a kitten now who's probably 6 months or older and I keep telling her to have him neutered. She says she can't because money is tight which I understand. My question is why did you get him in the first place?! I already know what will happen to the kitten. As soon as he starts spraying he'll be kicked out.
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Oh I'm so mad! And I totally understand how you feel. It's so frustrating when people won't listen to you. Well, keep up the good work, who knows?
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This is in response to Krazy Kat2.

In regards to the lady that let her cat take off and she thinks that someone took the cat in and she does not care. Well ever since I can remember my family has always been the ones who take in the strays. We have actually caught people dropping off dogs and cats at the end of our driveway. One time I was the one who caught a lady and a man drop off a wonderful little dog. I actually chased them down and gave them a piece of my mind. We have had complete litters of dogs and kittens dropped off. Well the way my family is we could never turn any of them away. Thats why we have about 13 dogs and we get discounts at our vet because we keep him in business. I can actually say that all of these drop offs have turned out to be the most thankful and wonderful animals ever. These animals are just so thankful to have a home and someone to love them. I can not believe that some people act like this.
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I just don't understand..Today you have to give away two cats so that you can get 5 more some other day....Why get a cat at all? I've had cats that didn't like me, and I've had cats who had bad habits, but they were my cats! I didn't trade them in; I tried to teach them. The one who didn't like me was such a character that when she had to go to the vet for the very last time it was one of the most heart breaking experiences I've had with my animals.
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There are so many people out there who think of pets like property that it is disgusting. Way to go krazykat! Bod, maybe you should give your friend a copy of the "pets are a lifetime commitement" sticky? Good Luck.

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Bless you and your family for being the ones to take in these poor creatures that others throw away. I know what you mean about them being wonderful, grateful pets. All 4 of mine were someone else's throwaways.
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People can be so ignorant!!!!!!!

2 of my 3 dogs were dumped out by people who didn't want them, and found wandering around looking for food. Same with several of my cats. I don't have the heart to just drive away when I see them, half starved, and scared, and so I take them home.
It is sad your friend won't listen to you, Rhea....I would be really upset ,too, if I were you. If people don't want more animals, then why don't they have them fixed instead of dumping them out, or trying to get rid of them?????????
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