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I wanted to see how well I'd do knowing the countries of Africa. Not so well as it turns out. I took the quiz here

and only got 107 out of 162. I also bottomed out on Oceania 46/96 and the Caribbean 43/66

I did pretty well on Asia, Central Asia, Canada and the Middle East, although I do confuse some of the -stans

I rocked the USA and Europe

I have a bit too much time on my hands today
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Haha this remindes me of when I was in college in the states, one of my roomates laughed at me for thinking that Florida was on the West Coast. She was one to talk! She thought Japan was in Europe...
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That sounds like my cousin's daughter, who thought Germany was "on the other side of (New) Jersey"! New Yorkers, are you known as beer drinkers?
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I only got 50%, and all most all of my wrong answers were about the US. I didn't know where the Mississippi River began, I didn't know the correct state East of the Mississippi was the largest in land volume, most embarrassing of all, I didn't know where the Gold Rush began, and I'm from California
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having taken my hubby to Ballarat, CA ( a ghost town near Trona,CA, on the other side of the Panamint Range from Death Valley) yesterday really brought my attention to this one! Some of the visitors yesterday were from Canada, Austria, and Germany, according to the caretaker. When I waited tables in mammoth lakes, I was surprised how many English visitors knew about Red Rock Canyon (also in CA) and the Devil's Postpile; apparently they study it during geology class - as one Englisman told me -"Well, look at how much area there is to know about in England and how much there is just in California alone!" Not an excuse, but a good reason. I love geography and when I visit the other states, I am once again reminded how diverse California is!! Just in Inyo County, one can visit Death Valley, where it's over 100 degrees and 285 ft. below sea level, and then go to the Sierra and see snow over 10ft deep! All in the same day - but that means driving to Mammoth Mountain, or else, going up a Forest Service Road via snowmobile, snowshoe or cross-country ski.
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I only missed the first question on the original quiz, but thank you to ErinandSeamus for posting that other link. I took the Africa quiz as well and am embarrassed by how much I've forgotten since the college class I took in 1997 on historical and contemporary Africa. We were required to know all the countries and capitals. I really need to brush up on this.

I didn't learn a whole lot in high school about world history and geography other than the big stuff - Holy Roman Empire, WWII, etc, but in college I had the incredible opportunity to learn a lot more. My degree is in ethnic and cultural studies, so through my program I learned a LOT that wasn't even touched in high school and I met people (students and professors) from many different places around the world.
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I got 130 out of 162 in Africa . I know little on Oceania

Asia Europe and Central America so so

100 % on Australia and Canada and the oceans and continants.

Very well on the US( missed Arkansas and Deleware) and South America ( missed Guayana )
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I got them all correct.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom first time to Europe I was on a English speaking tour. Some people from Australia were on the bus and when we reached Austria ALL the Australians bought the t-shirt "There are NO Kangaroos in Austria"
I was going to buy that t-shirt untill i saw the price
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I got 100%..i think i would have to be shot if i didnt know where the Mississippi started..considering..I have walked across it several times
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My husband teaches World Geography to college students. Every time he brings home assignments or exams, I am amazed and mortified at how poorly so many of the students do. It is obvious that many don't care, because they just have to look at a map to get the answer correct, but they won't even do that!

He has students who can't correctly identify Italy on a map. Italy!!! It is the country that is shaped like a boot. How can you miss that? And, they miss South Africa. My is the country that is the furthest south on the African continent. How can you miss that??? He even had a student e-mail him to say that she couldn't find New England on a map of the USA. OMG!!! Even worse, he had one student incorrectly label Kentucky (the university is IN Kentucky).

I think that in these cases it is willful ignorance....if it is not my country, I just don't care!

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I got 80%

I thought the largest river by volume was the Nile, but I was wrong
and I thought the capitol of Kentucky was Lexington Need to do some more brush up!
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On the other quiz I totally bombed Oceania and the Carribean....but did well with Africa and the Middle East for no other reason than that I read a paper every day. I don't recall studying either of those regions in school. I DO remember studying all of "mainland" North America and Europe, so I did pretty well on those, too.

The thing about Africa and to some extent the Mid East is that those countries are still chaning fairly regularly. A map from 10-15 years ago would be completely out of date.
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