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Please Help!!!!!!

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my 4 year old female cat sami who lives in our bedroom, is still having problems useing the liter box. she lives in there because her and the other cats fight which started about 5 months ago. sami would sometimes pee outside the box when she did not live in the bedroom. befor she went to live in the bedroom she has been treated for uninary tract infections and has been on ovaban?. she would pee on the kitchen counter. i decided maybe she was scared to use the box because of another cat who constantly harrassed her. anyway, for the past month she will pee on my bed in the bedroom. she was on antibiotic about 3 weeks ago for a cold. and she does not do it everytime she has to go. i'd say 70% of the time she prefers to pee on my bed. i just don't know what to do anymore. my matress is ruined. my bedroom smells. might i mention befor she went to live in the bedroom she even peed on me, on my husband, and my daughter. and did this once living in the bedroom. she has made may vet visits and i have tried everything. when i catch her in the act, i put her in the box. i never am hateful with her. the vets do think it's a behavior problem. we love sami very much. she is very loving. if i can not fix this would anybody be willing to give sami a good outside home? i would only trust someone on here to take her. i live in paducah, ky. other wise, i guess she will just have to keep peeing everywhere. an outsider taking her is not an option. i could just picture someone taking her and them beating her if she peed. so thats why i thought a outside home. i can't put her outside where i live. please help!
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Why is she on Ovaban? Did your vet tell you that there is a high incidence of diabetes in cats taking this medication? Have you had her tested for diabetes to see whether some of her behavior (peeing too much, problems controlling emotions, etc) are being cause by glucose disregulation? All of the behaviors you described are common in cats with diabetes.

Another indication that she may be sick is that she and the other cat apparently did not fight until 5 months ago. Often when a cat gets sick, her scent will change. Then, because the cat smells different she is attacked by the other cat who views her as a stranger.

Therefore, I would ask for a thorough blood screening to see whether she is sick. If she gets a clean bill of health you should talk to the vet about an antidepressant medication. Cats who do not respond to the typical remedies that we use to stop inappropriate urination often do very well with Prozac or even Immipramine (which also regulates anxiety). As severe as her problems are, you might ask your vet about this.

Also, she may need to be retrained. She may need to be confined to the bathroom until she uses the litter box 100%. Then, once she has re-learned to use the box, she can venture out of the bathroom. For your sanity, for now just keep her in the bathroom.

I know you are freaking out about this right now, but I think the problem can be greatly helped by a combination of medication (antidepressants, NOT Ovaban!) and behavior modification.

Once you go to your vet (perhaps a new vet is in order?) and find out about her physical health and talk to the vet about antidepressants, let us know and we will help you get started with the behavior modification part of the program.

p.s. I live in Mayfield! We're practically neighbors!
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thanks lotsocats. she was on ovaban and so was the cat that kept beating her up to calm them down. i did not want to use it long because the vet said long term use can cause other serious problems. the first time she stopped using the box was about 3 years ago. i have had on and off problems with her. but the past 9 months it has gotten bad. she does not start the fights on purpose but will growl and hiss and smack any cat that gets too close to her. and then hell breaks loose! i wont be able to get her to the vet for bloodwork until saturday. but i will call them and see what they say.
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Because she has been involved in a fight, she could have something working internally that you are unaware of. What you can do in the meantime, is take your bedding and wash it well and then rewash it in straight vinegar- about 2 cups. Hang the bedding out to dry in the sun (if possible) but somewhere that the bedding can be air dried. Flip your mattress over. Obtain a black-light flashlight- Anne has a coupon for one I believe on her home page through her shopping network. Turn your lights off in the bedroom and shine the blacklight. It will reveal all the places the pee has settled. Buy something strong, Miracle Odor is what I use, but find a product that removes the stench of cat pee and scrub out your room throughly.

Also you can buy feliway spray and spray it in areas you know the cats will congregate, it will soothe the most aggressive ones, you can even rub down peebody with it to help stop the fighting. Good luck, but I would say your kitty is probably fighting something medically wrong and not behaviourally.
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