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deadly panaleukemia alert

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Found this post on another site and thought it was important to post.

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Ouch ! Thank you so much for posting that alert but now you've got me scared.........
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Hello I was given a siamese kitten a couple of weeks ago. I was told that he was 8 weeks old and had been given his basic shots.
He seemed a little weak and timid but i gave him the best care I could. Earlier this week he started to have the squirts (liquid brown diarrhea)I took him to two vets. All tests run on him came up clear (no worms, flv, etc) both vets said they werent sure what was wrong with im. One said it could just be failure to thrive. Anyway since I ve been taking care of him round the clock he has gone downhill an dnow seems near death. GOD I need soemone to offer me advice on what to do to help him ! :-( He is the sweetest little seal point siamese.
Here are his symptoms: diarrhea has turned yellowish-white like a partially beaten egg. has no appetite, totally lethargic, skin / hair was standing up on his own from dehydration until today ( ive been forcefeedign pedialyte) hair still looks unkempt, breathign is occaisionally labored, kitten has thrown up 3 times after being fed, kitten still drinks water on his own (drinks more water than normal)and the poor little thing staggers to the litter box every time he has to go.
Hes lying on a little blanket looking like death warmed over.
Besides forcefeddign him pedialyte thru a dropper, i have been mixing up a gruel of HALO vitamineral mix and baby food or cat food and alternating with KMR and sometimes just giving high calorie vitamin molasses supplement on the tongue.
Im trying so hard to save this little bugger, can anyoen help me with suggestions ? Please help. thx Ash - PAX
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Depending on how far advanced the disease is, depends on if you can save the kitty. Kitty needs subcutaneous liquids immediately and unless you know how to administer this kitty needs to go back to the vet. If the kitten completely stops eating then he will develop internal organ failure quickly. You need your vet's eye on this as none of us can see the kitty. But you need to take the kitten in NOW. If he had the disease prior to the shot then the shot may not of been as effective as it should of been. I am sorry to tell you this. I have a litter right now where the mom had distemper while the kittens were in the womb and the kits had a lot of problems. One has already passed on but two have survived. The one female almost died as well, but she has pulled through.
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