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big lump

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there is a stray that hangs around my house. his name is bullet. i have noticed a large lump on the side if his jaw. and there is a scab or two on the lump. i'm thinking cat fight. question is, if i start him on antibiotics will that kill the infection in the sore? the lump is growing bigger by the day.
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A Vet visit is definately in order - please take him ASAP...
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i just talked to the vet. they said it's getting ready to drain and i can speed it along by sqeezing it a little and the antibiotics will help. bacically it will drain by itself but i can speed the process. are they right???? i told them it's getting bigger by the day. are they right??
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To be honest I would not squeeze it. You did say the Vet said it would resolve itself with the help of the antibiotics - when mess with it then.

If it is like some of the pimples I had as a teenager Squeezing just made them even more inflamed.

I would let the antibiotics do their thing.

Just keep an eye on it though.

Good luck
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...ooops I ment to say "why mess with it then"
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If it's an abcess, it needs to be drained which is why they said to squeeze it. Antibiotics won't do anything if you can't get the puss and bacteria out of the area. Once you get it drained, it needs to be clean and he needs to stay on antibiotics. Of course, this is only if it's an abcess. If it's very hard, I would take him to the vet.
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well, it too 3 people. but we did it. when we drained it alot blood oozes out more than puss. and it smelled horrible. it has gone down now. we just need him to leave it alone. is the bleeding normal? thanks
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Thanks Sandi I stand corrected.
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The bleeding is normal. I would keep a close eye on it and make sure that it finishes draining. You want to make sure and keep it clean and let all the gunk drain out. Once he's been on the antibiotics for about a week, you should see some improvement.
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If he'll let you, apply warm compresses several times a day or when you can. It keeps it draining. As long as it's open and draining and he's on the antibiotics he'll be OK.

Good Luck
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