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Bald patch

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Hi everyone,

In the last couple of weeks, we've noticed that Micky has developed kind of a bald patch on her left side, between her front and hind legs. It mostly looks like the hair in that spot has very much thinned-out, as opposed to going completely bald. There aren't any other bald patches on her body, with the exception of the top of her ear, where I think she injured herself when she escaped and spent the entire evening outside.

Could that trip outside have been so stressful that she shed inappropriate amounts of hair? Or could this be that disease that my brother's dog has, where they have to periodically shave him so he doesn't itch at his excema-type breakouts? Micky doesn't seem to be itching this spot any more than normal. Let me know, thank you --
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Here is a picture I just took of it. It isn't too clear, but I don't have a digital camera:

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check the stickys in this forum... one I believe addresses skin issues
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Okay, thanks. I tried to skim a few pages of the forum but couldn't find anything.
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I actually haven't checked the stickys on bald patches and can't really see the bald patch but I will say, Nismo (my baby) scalded herself on Friday and because the skin was irritating her so much she licked it so much the fur came out and she now has a bald patch. The skin is now absolutely raw so double check on Micky that the skin is ok, just incase thats what she's done.
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I had the wrong forum

it is under the care and grooming
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