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Worried about confining cats

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I am moveing to a new apartment tomorow and will need to Confine my kitties to the bathroom while the movers are going in and out. I am worried how this will effect the cats. They normally need to see what's going on to be confortable but I don't want them getting trod on or escapeing out the door.
I think I am doing the best thing for them. Then I will pack them into their carriers and take them to the new place and again lock them in until the movers get everything in. I believe the entire move will take less than 3 hours. Let me know if anyone thinks this is cruel and unusual.
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Sounds like a good idea to me.
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Sounds like a good plan to me. They'll just get stressed and confused if they're under your feet when you're trying to move. There's also a high chance they'd escape.
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Far from being "cruel and unusual" this is a very kind thing to do.

Cats HATE changes in their environment. Have you ever watched
what happens if you move a chair in a room, for instance? The
typical cat will start at one end of the room, sniff the whole perimeter,
then start along the inner edge of furniture, sniffing to place everything
in its place.

If you move something, the cat starts all over again from the beginning,
putting the moved chair back into context.

Your cats are going to be nervous, at best, from the move. All that
clomping of feet with heavy furniture, all the chaos and combobulation --
MUCH better to keep them in a quiet place. Give them food, water,
kitty litter pan and probably their carriers to hide in if noises get too
much for them. They will thank you, later, by being better adjusted
to the move.

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I just moved last week with my two kitties, hopefully for the last time From my experience what you are doing is absolutely the right thing to do. You are protecting them from possible injury or escape by giving them a secure, quiet place to stay. But trust me on this, they are going to be stressed out and ticked off about it for a few hours at best a few days at worst. I got mine used to their carriers by keeping them near their beds with the doors open and a towel sprayed with catnip (to lure them in) for a while before the move (Etain was already sleeping in hers by moving day). Put their carriers, beds, litter box, food, water and a couple of favorite toys in the bathroom with them, maybe even a shirt or something that hasn't been washed (so it smells like you).

They hissed, were very territorial and carried on something awful the first night in the new place, and they were only picking at their food, but five days later, everything's totally normal, my lovable little gluttons are back

You might also consider using feliway, I've never used it, but I hear that for many cats it can help calm them in stressful situations. My cats aren't particuarly skittish or nervous so I find it adequate to give them things that smell like home. Expect meowing, howling, growling and hissing for a little while, keep them confined for a little bit in the new place too, then let them explore slowly, they'll come around.
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as an alternative (although your solution is already very good), you could take your cats to a kitty spa/hotel ... i know there are a couple in LA that are completely cage-free, and your cat can roam around indoors and climb on cat trees and stuff. they'll probably have a great time

that's what i'm planning to do with them when i move ...
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Of course its NOT cruel to lock them away for their safety. The bathroom is fine, in fact, I would keep them IN the carriers in the bathroom just so no one accidently opens the door and they get out.

Its not gonna hurt them to sit a few hours in carriers - after all show cats sit in cages all day or ride in carriers for a few hours in the car.
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If i'm getting anything delivered which means they have to come inside the house i put my girls in the guestroom which is classed as their room anyway, but no it's not cruel for the short time their going to be in the bathroom.
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I agree it's not cruel - it's safe!!

I confine my kitties to my room when we have any work done in the house! They tend to just look out of the window or sleep!
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As you have more than one cat, they won't be lonely in the room you are confining them in. Its teh safest thing to do, other than put them in a cattery.
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Thanks for the advice. The Move went great the cats were so well behaved except they were a little upset with the drive over to the new place. The moveing guys fell in love with both of them and helped me cary them up to the apartment.
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