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Help?? Cat unwell

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We bought our cat from a cattery last Sunday so we have only had him a few days. He is 6 years old and we were told had had no previous health problems while in the cattery. However, recently he has shown some signs of illness.

The first thing we noticed is that yesterday he began sneezing quite a bit. He has not yet been outside so I do not know why this is. He is also suffering from diarrhea. He was fine when we first had him on the sunday but now it is becoming obvious that he is not well. He has also begun to sniff quite a bit, and his nose is running slightly. We are feeding him dry and wet food with some water in a bowl next to the food. He is also very slightly off his food and a bit more dispirited than when we gt hi on the Sunday. We have no other cats in the house, and as I said before he has not been outside yet and the house is never cold - usually quite warm. Can anyone suggest what may be wrong with him? What could we do to help him? Thanks
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Many cats can develop an Upper Respiratory Infection after moving to a new home. It would be best to take your cat to the vet.

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He needs to go to the vets and be checked. Are you feeding him the same type of food that he always has been eating a food change can cause diarrhea, but it would not cause cold like symptoms. Get him to a vet ASAP.
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At the cattery they told us that they fed him pretty much whatever - felix, whiskers - anything really. We have been feeding him felix mainly. Is this thing you say he may have serious? Thanks for the replies!
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Oh and what would the vet do for this upper respiratory infection?
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Many cats get an Upper Respiratory Infection. Going to the vet and catching it before it gets serious is what is important. Some vets prescribe medication. If your cat has not been seen by a vet recently, it is important to make sure he is up on his shot and be screened for other problems, worms, etc.
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Thanks for the advice! I will be taking him to the vets as he seems to be getting worse...
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Catteries, like some hospitals, are terrible places for spreading infections, and it is not at all unusual for cats to develop colds and sneezes, as well as stomach upsets, while there. I am glad your cat is seeing a vet, almost certainly a few days of antibiotics and a check for worms will put him right.
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