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Toilet Training / Citikitty / etc?

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I'm about to adopt my first kitten. It will probably be a baby or very young.

I was thinking about picking up a citikitty for toilet training (we have a small apartment and there's no good place for a litter box that won't either get stepped in or stink up the place).

Has anybody had a good experience with one of these things? Keep in mind I'm talking about a brand new kitten, so this will be its first litter training (aside from whatever they do at the SPCA), and it shouldn't have any pre-defined spots for going in our apartment. But then again I've never had a cat so I don't know if this will actually make a difference.

My other question is whether toilet-trained cats tend to have good "aim." As in, do you have to constantly clean the toilet seat because they missed the bowl? Or is it perfectly sanitary? And is it different for boy cats? Also, do the cats ever fall in?

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I dont want to discourage you ... but I once thought it would be great if I had a toliet trained cat... I no longer think that as I would have missed the early signs of kidney issues in my Kandie and she likely would have died a few years ago... she is still with me today since she used a box and I could see the amount of things
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There are very few successful cases of a cat being totally toilet trained. IMO its a waste of time to try. You might get them to do it for awhile, but probably not consistant enough to throw away a normal litter pan.

I'd just litter pan train them and use a covered box with filter for odors.

Besides, if the cat is boarded later or stays in a strange house/hotel, I really do not think they would seek out a toilet.
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