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litter box..HELP!!

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I have a 7 year old male tabby cat, my mom and I recently moved into a small apartment. At our house he had his own room, so his litter box was in there..but now the only place to put his box is in my tiny bathroom.

This has become a serious problem, I find that everytime I go into the bathroom I get a migraine..I clean his box often but the smell is still unbarable. We have gotten 2 new litter boxes already and the newest one has a little door to help with the smell...but its NOT helping!!

Im not sure what to do..I litterally have to hold my breath everytime I go in there..and I never feel clean anymore..I mean its horrible!! I love my cat, so getting rid of him is not an option..but im not sure what to do right now.

Is there any solution to this? Would getting an air filter help with some of the odor?

Also, he is a big kitty (19 pounds) we have him on this special diet food from the vet, but hes still not losing weight..I think the litter box might be too small for him, but they dont sell extra large ones..is there any website/store out there that sells bigger litter boxes?
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It's vital that your cat's litter box be cleaned as frequently as possible.I must ask if your cat is neutered, as this could contribute to some of the strong smell. It would take you merely a brief few seconds to find multiple choices on line for various large litter boxes. I strongly recommend Arm & Hammer Super Scoop for your litter. It absolutley excellent for eliminating smells and each time you scoop, the box is brand new all over again.
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I've seen people say on here that they have gone to wal-mart or somewhere similar and purchased big rubbermaid containers to use as litterboxes.
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If you can smell it, there is something in there. If there is something in there that is making you get migranes - you must clean it more often. Bigger isn't going to help very much. I have 5 cats and have the largest litter pan because I have a 25lb+ cat that pees like a dog. Got it at Petsmart with a hood and she still raises the hood off when she poops.

But you must clean the litter 2x+ a day for odor efficiency.
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I use Tidy Cat Scoop multiple cat formula with dehydrating crystals (it is a clumping cat litter). I have 4 adult cats who use 2 large litter boxes, and even if I miss a cleaning day, I can't smell it (and neither can my relatives who don't have litterboxes ).The only tip I have is to make sure the litter is plenty deep, so they can cover it up well.
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It could be the litter. I think Precious Cat (I find it at Petsmart) is really unscented. Also try a food that is supposed to help with smell, like Nutro perhaps.

My cats don't smell like they used to when younger. Guess having a more stable food has helped in that area.
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I had the same problem. I live in a one bedroom with 3 cats and a cockatiel so I had to learn how to cope with smell and dander.

As someone who is in your shoes I suggest you get pine pellets. Feline Pine is one of them, but I use some that is made locally here in texas. It is WONDERFUL. I've used it for only a week and all the odor is gone! You scoop up the solids and flush them and the pee makes the pellets turn into sawdust, so when there is mostly sawdust you can dump it on ur plants or the trash. Its environmentally safe and the smell of pine is way better than the smell of amonia Just make sure you make the transition slowly, mix ur current litter with the pellets until u have only the pellets. This is to make sure kitty likes it. You can also try chicken feed, alot of people on this forum use that. They say its great for odor. I also have a tiny bathroom, so I kno how you feel. Ive tried everything, but this is the best. The only reason I went for it is because I signed up my cats for a boarding place to leave them there over this weekend. When they were giving me the tour the lady showd me the litter they used and I remeber reading about it on these forums, she offered to sell us a 50 lb bag for 10.00$ so We gave it a try. We noticed that it didnt smell in there at ALL, you could never tell they kept cats in there all the time. So my hubby is happy and so am I , no smell!

About ur cat and the small box, do a search. They make big kitty litters for maine coons and big breeds or like it was mentioned here you can use containers.

I hope I helped!!
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I think you need to change the type of litter you use or clean the box more often. There shouldn't be a smell that strong, especially from one cat. I have 2 cats in a one bedroom apartment and there's no odour from the litter box at all (I use a covered box with clumping litter and clean it twice a day). Could the special diet your cat's on be making the box smell more than usual?
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Are you using clumping litter? It's much easier to clean.

I don't know how small your apartment really is, but one thing I've done in the past (and I've lived in 1-Br's for many years) is to give up a closet for the cat(s).

I built a few shelves into the closet so I could store things in there that I felt safe storing, such as cleaning stuff, etc (no food or clothes), just things I could easily clean if I needed them or wouldn't be ruined by the dust, etc.

I would put one of those rubber door jam things under the door to leave it open enough for the cat to get in and out of the closet easily, but closed enough so it wasn't all that visible and could contain much of the odor and dust.

True, it was a pain losing a closet, especially in a 1-BR, but it made my life a lot easier, cleaner and more pleasant in other ways, and I never had to step on litter as I got out of the tub. lol

If closet space is a problem, you could buy one of those armoire or stand alone closets in any home depot or such, and put that in your bedroom for more storage, and utilize wall space for some shelves etc.
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That works too. I agree the smell shouldnt be so strong. Try changing the diet. Kibbles work great to reduce smell. Make sure you clean the box very often, especially if you dont want kitty going elsewhere.
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