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Tuesdays daily thread.

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Morning chicks!!!!.

I has a fab weekend in the highlands so today it's back to the grind.

My neighbour who looked after the girls while i was away said it looked like Sophie was missing me as she stayed hidden under the bed amd was really quiet She soon brightened up once she saw her mum though and there was headbutts and purrs to fill the street
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awwwww Sophie darling

evening Susan glad you had a great weekend!

Well I have had a busy day. Worked this morning 8-12pm at the office then came home and Chris went to the office and I stayed in with Jasmine. I have so much work to do though by tomorrow and its almost 7pm already so I will be working late tonight
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Glad you had a good weekend Susan!! What a shame for little Sophie
I'm liking these early morning daily threads!
I'm leaving work at 12pm today to go home and make sure my patient is ok. She was so sleepy last night, much more than I remember Sleeves being
I got some lovely kisses this morning though, last night I just wanted to cuddle her but I resisted it and let her rest. (it was very hard...) her new nickname is baldy, with the spay shave and the thing on her tummy.
Marks Gran's funeral is on Sat and I just realised my usual funeral outfit (yes there seem to have been quite a few deaths of late lol) is not going to fit because I have lost quite a lot of weight recently but I have no time to buy anything else. Oh well even if it is too big, the cat hair accessories will make it look ok
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Morning girls!

Glad your weekend was good, Susan! I bet Sophie is very pleased to have her Meowmy back though!

Danielle, I'll send you a couple of spare hours - if I can find them myself!

Lauren, so glad Nismo's doing okay! I bet you're looking forward to going back early to take care of her!

Much better round here today - lovely hot shower and heating!

Back to the grindstone today - so long as the dull clouds don't decide to rain on me!
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You sure did brighten Sophies world the moment she saw her Mum, Susan! Glad you had a great weekend away.

Don't overdo it today, Dan! Take some special time just for you to relax!

Sounds as if you have quite a stressful day ahead needing to go to a funeral on Saturday. I vet you can hardly wait to get home to check on your little patient, and hope your precious little one is doing great and is well on her way to her full recovery!

That's the way to start the day, Sar, with a nice hot shower and the heating functioning properly!

My girlies and I haven't managed to get to sleep yet, but plan to do so shortly. Later in the day, our temps are expected to go up a good bit into the upper 70's/lower 80's, with bright sunny weather with this trend continuing for the next few days.
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I am wiped out, already. At 3 a.m., I was awakened by a crash - I now have only ONE bedside lamp. I wasn't quick enough to spot WHO did it but, all three cats are avoiding me and looking guilty.

When I got up, to find the broom and dustpan, I found the kitchen garbage spread throughout the kitchen and dining area. Since Pearl was in her crate, I KNEW who the culprit was, this time. Ike is on the verge of becoming a full-time OUTside dog

Once everything was cleaned up, there was no way, that I was getting back to sleep. It is now 4:30, I've killed off most of a pot of coffee, reconciled my bank statement, fed the cats and checked my e-mails. If I'm not slumped over my desk, by noon, it will be a wonder.
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I had a good night last night. We went to see our local baseball team play. It was fun. We didn't get home until about 10:30 pm and we get into bed and all Lee wants to do is talk. Why he wants to talk at 10:30 and I have to get up at 5:30 and go to work I have no idea. But it was still fun. A little sleepy today and coffee will be my friend and I will make it!
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I was tired last night from 3 hours of digging/spreading soil at a job yesterday.
I have an appt in 90 min, then drop off forms for another wholesale acct at a greenhouse, drop off garden club stuff, pickup a few groceries then come home get the back of the truck filled with topsoil (where will my wheelbarrow go??) and go back to yesterday's jobsite. That job will take a bit less time than I thought (whew!!) Probably crash and burn on the sofa tonite again!! Thank goodness for the whirlpool bathtub and heating pads!!
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I'm tired already! I keep staying up until 11:30 or midnight and have to wake up early for work!

I was so proud of Luna last night though. Normally when I whip out Da Bird for play, Luna loves it, but likes to play with it by herself. Last night her and Whitey stayed on opposite sides of the room and took turns grabbing at it!
Makes me so proud!!
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Oh Tuesday!

Just another wonderful day today. I'm a bit tired today, not sure why, I got plenty of sleep last night!

I went shopping last night, had to go to PetSmart and got Harley some more food, new food dishes and.... A new toy! I got him a toy called the Cheese Chase - its awesome, even I like playing with it! . Its got a catnip filled mouse that he LOVES, and 2 hidden balls inside a 'cheese topper' - I took pics last night of him playing with it - I'll have to post them tonight. I spent about $14 on it, so I'm really glad he liked it!

The sun is out already so it should be a beautiful day! Only 2 more days til mine & John's 1 year anniversary!
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Well, I am off to the hospital in about 1/2 an hour to get prepped for the c-section. Still don't know what time the c-section is as I am on a wait list, but today is baby day. Man I am so hungry and thirsty - this not eating after midnight is for the birds - I would be happy if I could just have a little water!

Please send healthy baby and quick c-section recovery vibes my way. Thanks.

Either John will come and post info in the next day or 2 or we will send an e-mail to Kass (Russian Blue) who will hopefully let everyone know what happened. Hopefully, I'll be on-line for a bit on the weekend!

See ya soon!
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Oooh, good luck, Ady!

Sending many healthy baby, quick and easy c section and speedy recovery and healing }}}VIBES{{{ your way!

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Good luck Ady, hope you don't have to wait too long!!
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Good Morning everyone! Good evening to you Danielle

How is Nismo doing Lauren?

Sorry about your lamp Cindy. I hope the coffee helps you to make it through the day

Lots of good vibes for a healthy baby and Mom

Nothing interesting going on here today. We have torrential rain and wind outside. I am looking forward to American Idol and House tonight

Mackenzie, you will have to post a pic of the Cheese Chase later. I bet Ryan will be interested!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom

How is Nismo doing Lauren?
She's a lot better Karen thanks for asking, I'm home with her now. She's a lot different from yesterday. I think her sore belly is hurting her more than her spay
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom

Mackenzie, you will have to post a pic of the Cheese Chase later. I bet Ryan will be interested!

Here is a picture I found on the website - - its who makes it - I just love this thing!

We played for about 2 hours with it last night, we were both quite entertained!

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Sues, so sorry little Sophie missed her mommy, but at least she had Rosie to keep her company........I guess you'll just have to have Gil move in with ya huh?? That way you don't have to leave anymore!

Nothing much going on here today. Boring and am ready to go home. Heck, it's only 10:35!! HELP!!!
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Mackenzie that toy looks like it was worth the money if Harley's playing with it for that length of time
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Mackenzie that toy looks like it was worth the money if Harley's playing with it for that length of time
Oh it is! Its so awesome - and I like it too! I was pretty excited when I found it at PetSmart. I spent about a 1/2 hour trying to pick out a perfect new toy for him! I think $14 was worth it!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I has a fab weekend in the highlands so today it's back to the grind.
Good Morning Chicks!
YES, I to know this Thread is only for Girls!... ...But I couldn´t to resist to say to Susan that I really crack me up this Expresion to her!!...

Yes, all mondays, we Back to GRIND! ..........

Have a nice week Girls!
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Rigel you chaps are more than welcome to post, and besides being a woman we like to know whats going on!
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Good morning everyone.(almost 11:30am lol)

You all are so cheerful for morning.

A new so exciting!!!! Goodluck and vibes that everything will go smoothly and everyone will be healthy.

Hmm, tody I have to get my things ready for my group yard sale. There are about 8 or 9 families joining me thursday,friday,saterday for this. I alway enjoy a good yard sale.

I've also been phoning around about a steak night fundraisor for my class' trip to New Mexico and I think I finally found a place to have it. I was put incharge of both of these group events and I think I'm doing really well, considering that I only had 2 weeks noticed to organize everything.

Tonight I am having my carpets cleaned so I think the today and the rest of the week is going to be incredibly busy...hehe I still find time for thecatsite though. lol.
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I am thrilled to hear everyone is alive and well this lovely day. Though it would be far lovelier had I not had to get up ridiculously early this morning because for some godforsaken reason Conner threw a crazy attention fit. Meowing and wailing and walking all over me and rubbing his big fluffy head all over my face. When I finally was in a coughing fit from inhaling all the long cat hair up my nose and in my mouth, I finally got up. I, as well, am relying strictly on coffee to make it through this one. I am supposed to go work out later and I am seriously considering shunning that responsibility.
Later lovely ladies, hope everyone's day pans out beautifully, especially you Ady!
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good Wednesday morning to you all

I'm just having some TCS time and enjoying my breakfast - marmite on toast and a milo.

Then I'm going to catch the 9am train (school starts at 10 on Wednesdays)

Today I've got English, Economics, History and Biology

After school I start work at 4pm till 9pm

Have a lovely day all my beautiful friends.
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