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hugging cats

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Found this today:http://www.sendafriend.com/Hugcat I LOVE it!
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Thanks for sharing that!
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Aww too cute!!
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Hi,.I brought my siamese Keesha is to the vet this morning to be spayed,.and well,.I had tears in my eyes when I left her,.she had put her front paws around my neck and hugged me,.as if to say,.please don't leave me,.I haven't had her very long,.but she is sure my baby,.I am so nervous,.I can't hardly sit still,.so,.maybe,.I will if nothing else,have a very clean house by the time I pick her up tomorrow,.God,.I hope she is going to be ok,..Thanks so much for sharing that too!!!!Hugging cats,.I had never given it alot of thought,.but I now know that they really can hug us!!!
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Cute! We hug our cats everyday anyway...
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Yes,.we do hug our cats every day,.but its the way that SHE hugged me this morning,.it was so cute,.I can't wait to see her tomorrow,..I miss her,.She has become such a part of our lives,..
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Now that was cute, the cat flying at the fella sipping his tea was great
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