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Need some vibes or prayers..

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As many of you know I am having teeth and mouth issues... Well I was just about to pay off the first three cavities( about 500 $).. and about half way thru the second group another $$$ //// I was thinking of calling and getting the last group done and I think I found another cavity .... Please send prayers or vibes that is it is nothing or a small one and that the others are just the size they were and dont need to be pulled or have root canals...

Thank you for listening ...
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You poor thing! Dental work is sooo expensive. I hope this new development isn't one that costs you more money!
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You'll most certainly be in my prayers. I can think of few things more awful than having to have dental work, you're being so brave! This is such a difficult strain on your budget.
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I am sending tons of prayers hun...
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Hope its nothing serious!!
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I will find out tomarrow ( weds) morning ... made the appt
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Originally Posted by GailC
Hope its nothing serious!!
don´t get nervous! ...sending good vibes to you! ))))))))))))(((((((((((((...
Go Sharky Go!!!
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sounds like you have the same problem as me... soft teeth=cavities no matter how much you brush and floss! luckily I have insurance, but it still doesn't take away the evil drill! good luck!
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Well keep em coming... my nerves have me in knots... today is the day...thank you for the vibes...
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It'll all work out ok.........but in the mean time, sending lots of good vibes to you!
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I'm so sorry you have been having such a terrible time with your teeth!
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I can definitely sympathize, and am sending vibes your way. I broke a tooth last month, and the dentist said the one next to it was really damaged (I grind my teeth), so I've had that one pulled as well, and am going to have to have a bridge put in, which means two more teeth being ground down and crowned. Good luck - I hope it's not as bad as you're anticipating!
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I hope everything's ok Jennifer!
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Ooh, I am so sorry Jennifer . Sending prayers and vibes your way that you won't have to shell out even more money over your teeth and mouth. {{{{}}}}
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Good news the card I use just lowered the amounts required for the intrest free plan so my teeth qualified for a 12 month plan..

Bad news yes there was another cavitiy but it was small and not as costly...

Thank you for all the vibes....
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I am sorry I missed this, glad to hear it was small, and that you had good news re paying this.

You are going to be SO happy once it is all done!
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