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What Are Your Kitties Pet Peeves??

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I thought i'd start a fun new thread. Since we get to talk about our pet peeves, i was curious to see what your animals pet peeves are ...mine are as follows...

Isabella- being "removed" from "her" favorite sleeping spots on my couches and beds. Not getting to see her rabbit Sophie when she is out of her cage...she loves the bunny! it's too cute

Velvet- being woken up, other cats, me being away from her more than 5 minutes, not getting her tuna when she demands it....

Abilene- EVERYTHING!!! she's our little attack kitty- she really dislikes being picked up for any reason or not getting cheese when she tries to steal it.

Jasmine- loosing her sparkly pom balls under or in between things she can't fit in...and not getting the food she wants when she wants it...

feel free to check out their accounts if you like...they each have one!
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Skittles is wondering why there is a bowl of water in front of her. She will dump it over and go turn the sink on to drink
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Marlee - When I close the blinds for bedtime, she feels its a personal attack! She looks at me as if I told her I don't love her anymore and tries to stick her head back behind the blinds. She also gets mad that I don't let her drink out of every single water glass I make for myself!
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Emily - hearing a noise or anything else that interrupts her grooming
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Rishi's pet peeves:
1. Not being able to get the screen door open so he can run to "freedom"
2. Getting caught if he manages to get the screen door open
3. Going outside--but on a HARNESS
4. Being "caught" in general--he loves to be chased around the house, but he doesn't like being caught

Frankie's pet peeves:
1. Not being allowed to go outside when he feels he should
2. Not being allowed to drink from the tub faucet when he feels he should
3. Not getting enough petting (aka "his petsy tank is empty")
4. Being held for more than a minute
5. Watching Rishi run to freedom without a harness
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Being held without walking
When she tips the glass and water gets on her hand
She can't get the birds
That red dot always disappears!!
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Rocky- when the milk caps go away under the fridge, never to be seen again.

Zakk- when mommy comes home from work and she doesn't immediately feed me!

Suzie- when mommy won't drop the treat even though I swatted at it.

Cookie- That little black and white cat thinks he's in charge, and I don't want to admit that he is right! Runs away from Zakk....
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Being woke up

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Rusty hates...

1. When mommy re fills my water bowl after I took all that effort
to tip It over
2. When I get all comfy and am In a deep sleep and then Mommy moves
3. When Mommy leaves me at home by myself
4. The vaccum cleaner
5. Freshly mopped floor
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Kitty's Peeves:
1. Mommy's puppy
2. Mommy's curtains that I feel I must destroy
3. Not being allowed to beat Mommy's puppy up
4. When mommy wakes up the kittens after I went to all that trouble to get them quiet.
5. the pointer on the computer that I just cant ever seem to catch.
and finally...
6. walls in the litter box.. I just want to hang my butt over the edge and poop on the floor! is that such a crime???
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Scooter's pet peeve is being removed from the top of the water heater, which also happens to be my kitchen counter.

Pepper's pet peeve is being put down from giving morning hugs before SHE is finished. After all she has gone to the trouble of running down the hall. launching herself from the floot to the mousepad, with a half turn to land in my lap and wrap her paws around my neck. I must catch her, or I will get shredded.

Fluffy's pet peeve is being made to get off the coffee table.

Pearl's pet peeve is having other cats in the house.
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All of my cats HATE being locked out of a room I'm in. The other day I disappeared into the guest room to prep my cat stuff for a show. I closed all the doors to the room (there are 2 doors plus a sliding glass patio door). There were paws coming under the 2 doors and 4 cats looking at me thru the patio door.

Muddy hates when you forget to give him his Lysine paste.

Scarlett gets annoyed when her "wet" dinner is late.

Stumpy growls at you when he's asleep on you and you try to move. It's actually quiet funny to hear him do this.

Bob can't be cooped up in any one place for very long. He's the indoor/outdoor house and we are his revolving door. We call him the "busy guy". I'm not sure that I've ever seen him sit still long enough to sleep. When we kept him in the house for a few months when the feral colony had FeLV, he actually came up to me in bed one night and peed on me to show his displeasure with me. He was beyond angry.
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Haha these are too funny, i'm loving these posts!
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All of mine are aggravated beyond belief with the ONE YEAR OLD BOXER "PUPPY"! A literal "pet peeve" ! They all come to the door like"Where's that stupid dog? Do I have to go around to the front?" They are learning though, that the dog does obey mom at the door and they can get in. Except Butterbean. She looked at the dog like "Touch me and I'll rip your face off." from day one. And has tried.

Butterbean gets aggravated when you ignore her on your head in the bed at night, when she tries so hard to wake you up to pet her (wet, purring nose in ear, butt in face, etc...). Basicly, she get aggravated when you don't treat her like the pampered princess she believes herself to be (she was a yard/barn cat for 6 months before we got her... )

Tweety gets aggravated when another cat is waiting in line behind her at the food bowl. Or if Meggie looks at her. And for good reason.

Meggie hates to be picked up and held (unless she's sick and at the vet ) and squeeks like a mouse the whole time.

Smoochie gets aggravated when she tries to instigate a game of "slappy paw" (she sticks out a paw and I try to hit it with my fingers-she's my bottle baby ) and gets too rough and loses in a game of "headlock" (I grab her face in the palm of my hand and wrap my fingers around her head and don't let go until she quits being ugly long enough for me to get away!
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