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Has anyone here tried "Pet Promise" foods?

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I came across this site:http://www.petpromiseinc.com/ while researching volunteer opportunties for a client who has been ordered to perform community service (of course, I looked up cat rescues in her area ). Has anyone here heard of this line of pet food? I'm interested in trying it, but am afraid to spend a lot on untried food. I did that with "Natural Balance" cat food; it was a flop at my house - I had to donate it to my favorite lumberyard (the one who takes in TNR ferals).
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I'm not familiar with this food, but am now curious along with you if anyone else has tried it.
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From reading the ingrediants I wouldnt use the dry the wets look good
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Sierra and Serenity are hungry just thinking about that Wild Salmon Formula!
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I saw it at the store and tried it with the dogs and they loved it. It says it has no by products so it might be a ok food. I doesn't seem much cheaper in my area though, I would tend to stick with the foods I know and love.
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I've tried the wet food and my both cats like it a lot. One of our grocery stores here (Wegman's) sells it. It cost a bit more than Nutro at 99 cents a can.
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They do sell this at one of the local supermarkets. I bought a can of wet, and Abby turned her little nose up at it. She is VERY picky with her food.
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One of my regular customers brought in a bag for me to see. Overpriced (He paid nearly $30 for a 20lb bag) and the dry wasn't anything I'd feed. They are capitalizing on the lack of by-products, but there's plenty of things other than by-products that I look for (or look for the lack of) when choosing food. I didn't look at the cans, but I know I told him that there's better choices out there. The main thing that really bugged me is that there's no chicken or poultry fat, or any animal-based fat at all. The fat in it is vegetable oil. Also the main protien is corn gluten meal since the chicken meal is going to shrink. I don't like CGM as the main protien. But the vegetable oil alone is the main reason I didn't like it.

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I scored some of this at Target at 25 cents a can on clearance- the multi pack had been opened. Mine seem to like it and it seems like a good food.
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