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How to post Kitty Pics

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Hi everyone, my Cat Angel had a Cesearean and two healthy kittens emerged, I have digital pics saved to my computer but I do not know how to post them. Help Please?
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Go to photobucket.com, and make an account..You have to upload them there, and then hit edit on each picture, and resize them down to 25%, then paste the image code here
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I dont think you have to resize them do you? I dont always and they usually come out just fine. I think photobucket automatically resizes them for you...maybe I am wrong....I don't know, I usually open them in Photoshop or Illustrator first to fix them, who knows.
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How is momma doing?? Keep a good eye on the incision.
My girl is 4 days postop from her c-section as well and I had to take her back once already for a small hole in her incision and some draining. She seems to be doing well now, but is not finished with her antibiotics yet either.
Just keep a good eye on her belly and call the dr if you see anything that doesn't look right. Hope her and babies are doing well!!!

Would love to see pics when you can!
Take care...
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It depends on your camera's resolution. Sometimes PHotobucket will resize too small; and then you have to crop or resize in your own image editing program before you upload.
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I'll move this to the technical forum for you
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Just resize them yourself so they are 450x600 or less and upload to photobucket... my camera has such a big resolution that 25% would still be too big
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