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Tater's got crusties!

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Hello everyone!

I was stroking and brushing my big tabby the other day and I noticed that he seemed to have an unusual amount of what appeared to dandruff. Tater's a bit overweight and sometimes has difficulty grooming himself so I made sure we did an extra good job brushing, and i have some "Bath Wipes" which I used for a few days to make sure he was his most handsomest.

One of the days I found a patch of crusty skin. Through his fur, it felt to me like it might have been a scab that was peeling off. At first, I suspected his sister (who sometimes plays a bit too rough, and can get nasty when Tater's ill).

But upon closer examination, it seems like Tater has a few patches of "crusty" skin on his back. I've tried looking at it more closely, and it doesn't appear to be irritated or inflammed at all, but it also doesn't seem to be going away either and it has me a bit concerned.

And finally, I noticed last night that his ears are looking a bit waxy and theyre not 100% soft like I'm used to them being. His left ear seems worse than the other, especially where the waxy material appears to have dried out a bit.

I'm beginning to think a trip to the vet is in order, but I wanted to field a few opinions first.

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I agree that a vet visit is in order
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