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Our New Shelter Dog!!!

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My boyfriend and i went to the animal shelter last weekend to "just look" at the dogs there and walk some of them for the day. After walking all of the adult dogs ( everyone wants to give attention to the puppies, so we purpousely walk the older dogs when we visit.) and taking them outside to the doggie runs, we fell in love with one dog called "Noah". He was found on a street called Noah Lane near my boyfriends house, so that's how he got his name. We left the shelter that day after spending several hours playing with and walking the dogs. I mentioned to Colin how much i liked Noah...and he didn't really respond, so i went about the next two days thinking he wasn't planning on adopting a dog for a while....boy was i happily mistaken! Last tuesday afternoon, he picked me up from work when my car was in the shop and we stopped by his house for a bit. When we got out of the truck, he told me he wanted to show me the new sprinkler system he had set up in his backyard....i thought nothing of it since he is the biggest Home Depot freak i know....but when Colin opened the fence, Noah was sitting right there wagging his tale at me!!! i was so excited to see him! Colin had pulled the best surprise on me and i couldn't be happier...We both have fallen in love with the him and we changed his name to Fosters since it sounded more Australian than Noah. He is already spoiled rotten and will enjoy a long happy life with us without ever having to worry about going to another animal shelter. I've been going to visit Fosters and Colin on my breaks from work and every chance i get ( we live at different homes). So he is already spoiled rotten. Colin's even planning on building a completely insulated ( heated, air conditioned) doggy house for him just to hang out in when he wants. And he sleeps in the bedroom at night already lol. here is a link to his webpage...i only have a few picks up there of him right now. I'll have to take my digital camera over to Colins to get some good pictures of our new furbaby. I'm so excited another shelter dog is going to have a happy ending, and best of all, it's with the man i love. hehe!!!
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He's a handsome boy! Bright eyes, big smiling wonder you fell in love with him!!

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Thanks momofmany we absolutely adore him- Fosters is such a gentle giant- and smart as a wip too- he can clear a 5 1/2 ft fence like it's nothing....hehe colin spent all weekend adding on to the fence in the dog run to make sure he's safe when he's outside. he's already sitting, staying, and working on other commands very well. We're so happy to have rescued him!!! I'm going to get some good picture of him this week so everyone can see them.
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I'm soo happy for you and Fosters what a surprise for you he looks like a happy boy
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such a hanndsome boy! he looks like he'll bring you both lots of joy! congrats!
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What a sweet surprise!

Fosters is adorable!
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I'm so glad you found him in the shelter. He sounds like such a sweet dog. Congrats.
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That is so awesome! Congrats to you guys!! He is such a pretty doggie That is so sweet of your boyfriend to go get him for you guys.
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Thankyou for all the nice compliments everyone. Fosters is doing great! When i got over to my boyfriends house today, Fosters had just had his first bath and Colin was out back grooming him---it was too cute! right now he's actually sitting at my feet playing with his kong toy and watching Law and Order SVU with me- i Swear he's not spoiled!!! He is learning really fast too- he already knows what "bye bye " is now - everytime i say it he sits at the door and waits for me to put his leash on him before hopping in the car- it's too cute! He's such a great dog. Colin and I love him to death. I'll be taking some new pictures of him the next time i remember to bring my camera over to Colins. Hope everyone has a great day. fosters sends his love!
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Aw, he is sooo cute!! I'm sure you'll have loads of fun filled years to come!!
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Aww, that's wonderful. Shelter dogs really are the best! I adopted my Labrador and I can't tell you how great I think he is!
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aww what a sweety! Thank you both for giving that sweet boy his forever home. I'm sure he will give you both years of love in return!
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Just an update on Fosters,
lol he's actually in the floor as i speak playing with Colin....he's such a great boy!!! we love him a lot! Thankyou everyone for all your sweet comments....this little shelter boy will never see the insides of a pound again!
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Oh he is adorable! Congratulations!
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And yet another update on our little pound puppy- Fosters has officially declared himself king of Colin's castle lol....i'd say he's pretty comfy in his new home now, what with all the new toys, attention and huge backyard to play in and all.. I took some new pictures over the weekend of him and updated his site....feel free to check it out. I got a few shots of him with his favorite green bone toy.
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What a cutie. Glad he has you now
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He is soooo handsome I'm soo glad he found you all, and vise-versa he will be forever grateful
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How handsome is he!! I would have taken him home too! What a sweetie!
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What a sweety!! I love all the photos..I'm so glad he'll never see a pound again, he is way too sweet to be stuck in a cage all the time.
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Wow! What a looker!!!

I'm glad he found you guys... He looks very happy and quite pleased with himself for having found such a wonderful family.
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I am the mother of two rescues, and both are spoiled rotten. Dawg is a chow/golden retriever/austrialian sheepdog mix and is very territorial ever since we brought home Charlie, pound puppy, that the original owner lied, he has some form of epilepsy has siezures about once a month. If he goes on medicine, it could damage his liver, I am usually home all day so I can help Charlie thru his siezures and make sure he knows he's ok. As long as he doesn't seem to have complications I will not put him on medication, don't like the thought of him being doped up. Dawg only territorial around house or around my truck, other than that he is very friendly. Congrats on new family member.
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Oh What a sweetheart!!!!, I can see now why your boyfriend just had to bring him home, and what a wonderful surprise that was!!!

Yeah for Fosters finding a new and forever home!!!!!!!!!
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He looks like such a sweetheart! Congrats and good job on adopting a doggie in need!!!!
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Thanks for all of the great feedback everyone! Fosters is doing wonderful! Colin is taking him in the morning to be neutered ( the shelter had a waiting list when he was adopted). So send him so good vibes...i'm pretty sure he'll bounce back quickly....he's such a sweet pup! Have a good day everyone! Fosters sends his love.
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just a quick update on Fosters went smoothly, and he's recovering quite well.
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I just love big dogs. Fosters looks like a great guy. Glad he came through his neuter fine. He is a lucky boy to have found a loving home!
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