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question about insulin times

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Hello! I posted about my cat earlier, but I have another question regarding her diabeties. When we first started giving her shots, we were giving her shots twice a day. Once in the day, and once in the night, at 7:45 and 7:45. Her levels have been doing pretty good lately, and the doctor said that we could go down to one shot a day. We have been checking her at night, and sometimes, her levels are still a little over 200, which we are supposed to give her a shot. Yesterday, however, her level was at 50-70 last night! Today, it is back to 125.

I know I'm rambling, but it leads up to my question. Tomorrow, my girlfriend and I have an engagement at that starts around 6:30. We've been checking her at 7:45 though. She doesn't always need a shot, but I worry about leaving tomorrow, in case her level is above 200. Do I have anything to worry about? Can we leave tomorrow for a couple of hours and not worry about her levels? I know this question is strange and vague, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I think you would be safe leaving for a few hours so long as you were to ensure she had food on board before leaving. As for the shot, if she is only showing 125, I might not give the shot. If your vet feels that a once per day dose of insulin will do it for her, why not also ask him about Purina Prescription Diet D/M for Diabetic Maintenance. I had a lot of luck with it with my own sugar cat. It reduced her insulin requirements substantially.

What kind of insulin are you using?
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