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newbie with question about scaredy cat

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Hi! I am a new cat owner. Three weeks ago I adopted my first cat from a rescue organization. Gypsy is a little under a year old, and a very sweet cuddle-bug.

I am still clueless when it comes to cat behavior. My question is about the "solitary confinement" she's imposed on herself. She never leaves our bedroom except in the dead of night to eat and use her litter. I've tried luring her out into other rooms, I've tried picking her up and taking her with me, I've tried just leaving her be to see if she'll come find me. She doesn't seem scared when I drag her with me, but as soon as I put her down she returns to the bedroom. We have a senior golden retriever, so maybe she's decided most of the house is his, even though he is only inside at night.

Anytime I am in the bedroom, she seems desperate for some attention, petting, playing with shoestring, just sleeping on my lap. I can't be in the bedroom all day, so I feel guilty! Should I worry about her, or is she content this way? Will she get more comfortable on her own, or should I do more to get her out into other rooms? Thanks for any advice!!
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just give her some time to get used to your place. Since she is a rescue you never know what she has gone through. So its perfectly normal for her to be shady. Just let her explore on her own time. Don't force her in different rooms and try coaxing her cause that will just make her more relentless. After a while she should come around. Its a good sign that she leaves the room for potty at night. She prolly explores a little here and there on her way to the potty. She just needs to know that the bedroom is not her only safe haven in the house. She will understand that with time. Patience is the key. Good luck and good for you for adopting!!
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Welcome to TCS!
Gypsy is still adjusting to her new home. Give her all the time she needs to settle down.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

See you in the forums!
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Hi there,

welcome to TCS. Congratulations on the newest addition to your furry family.
Because you got Gypsy from a shelter you don't know what her background is and why she is afraid to leave the bedroom.
If you force her into doing anything she's not ready to do, you run the risk of pushing her backwards.
Give her time and visit her regularly in the bedroom.
Good luck with her!
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I'm sure she is fine! There are lots of things to consider... maybe the rest of the house smells like the dog to her...and maybe with her unknown past she's had a bad experience with dogs, or isn't too trusting just yet. I would try to give her as much attn in the bedroom as you can, and if she does come out while your there then encourage her with lots of praise, affection, and treats. But don't force it...that makes them not trust more. And good for you for taking in a rescue! I just took in my 1st feral kitten... she's still a little wild...but adjusting way better than I originally expected.
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Welcome to TCS! I'm certain that your Gypsy is adjusting. Depending on her previous experiences it could take a very long time. You have to take satisfaction (for now) in knowing you have provided a good home to her. One day it will just "click" and she will make an appearance. I have heard as long as one year from others. With my feral/stray it took about 6 mos and now she thinks she is the queen of the house!

If I can help with any questions about the site itself, please feel free to click on my user name and send a private msg.
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Hi and welcome to The Cat Site

You will love it here

Sounds like you've gotten pretty good advice so far. I hope Gypsy warms up soon - she will, she just needs to feel comfortable.

Glad you found us... see you around on the forums
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