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Hi from all my babies

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hi, i have 19 kittys and 2 dogs I have always been a 2 cat family(Taz and Gizmo) until the past few years, it started with 4 kittys that needed to be bottle fed because their mom had milk fever and the owner of the mom could not bottle feed them, so we bottle fed them and fell in love with them(Ozzy, Taco, Tiggy and Yuffie), then i rescued a mama and three babies from a dog pen and fell in love with them(Mama Bear, Boo Bear, Chi and Ziggy), the mom got pregnant while she was nursing these three before i could get her fixed so add 6 girls (Princess, Pookie, Smoochie, Yum, Sunggles and Prissy) I also took in a little homeless girl (Angie) and then my husband decided for mother day to get me another cat he saw at the shelter, his name is Bojangles. Last but not least is Wiggy, I was at the vet one day and this lady came in with 2 newborn kittys in a box looking for someone to take them, the receptionist at my vet told her to ask me so I took them, I did the best I could but one of them did not make it but Wiggy is doing fine!! I also have a poodle named Diddy, he thinks he is a cat and I have a cocker spaniel named Lady but she has to live in her own pen because she can be a little grumpy. Everyone has been spayed and neutered. I have a cat door that everyone uses to go in and out and we have fenced over 2 acres with a cat fence, we hope next year to fence in another 3 acres then they will have a real big yard!! My babies love whiskas temptations treats!! They eat about 40 packs a week. I just wanted to tell everyone about my babies, soon I am going to add their beautiful pictures, Thanks and Purrs, Kim.
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Wow what a group you have there!!! Welcome!!!
I cant wait to see some pictures!!
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do you think you could get a group photo?! that would be neat. welcome from Rainy and me!
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Welcome! You have a big family! I want to see pics, if you can. Are they indoor or outdoor cats? (Do they stay indoors or outdoors most of the time?
I want to see everyone!
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hi, i have a built a cat fence around 2 acres and intsalled a cat door so they can come and go as they please. when it is cold outside they all spend the night inside but on warm nights i turn on the porch lights and they like to catch bugs at night. Many of them come in during the night and wake me up for treats, i sleep with treats beside me lol even the poodle uses the cat door!!
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Bless you and your large kitty family!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

See you in the forums!
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Welcome to TCS! You and your family sound wonderful! I love the fact that they have a fenced off area to run around in that is awesome
I think all those kitties indoors all the time would mean many disturbed sleeps!
Can't wait to see your pics.
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Welcome to the site Kim, Taz, Gizmo, Ozzy, Taco, Tiggy, Yuffie, Mama Bear, Boo Bear, Chi, Ziggy, Princess, Pookie, Smoochie, Yum, Snuggles, Prissy, Angie, Bojangles, Wiggy and the dogs Diddy and Lady Whew, that was a mouthful

If you need any help finding your way around, please let myself or any other mentor know. You can send a private message by clicking on our user name. We will be glad to help in any way we can
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Hi and welcome to The Cat Site

You will love it here

WOW - you have a big family of cats. I also have a poodle (Ed). I love the name Bojangles What a big kind heart you have for animals (and your vets receptionist knows it )

Glad you found us... see you around on the forums
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