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Isis went to the vet today..

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I was getting ready for work today and noticed Isis in the litterbox straining to go. So( not to gross anyone out) I watched for a minute and nothing came out. She jumped out and so I cleaned out the box thinking that might be the problem, sure enough, she came back to it right after I set it down, but again nothing came out. It bothered me so I called hubby and asked if he could take her to the vet when he got off. They had an opening for 3 and since both hubby and I worked past then I called MIL and asked her for help.
I came home at 2:30 to get Isis in the carrier and well had a stranger knocking on the door, so I kind of put her into the carrier quicker then normal ( she gets very nervous when I put her in there so I tend to cuddle her before hand so she isn't so nervous) Then I gave her to MIL who had one of her puppies in the car in another carrier barking away. Poor Isis was TERRIFIED! so off they go to the vets. I'm going back to work. Then they come home and poor Isis has wet herself being so scared, so Brad gives her a bath, thus scaring her more.
So I get home around 7 to find out that he's given her a bath, her back is bothering her again, and they think she has a bladder infection but they aren't sure, so they gave Isis meds to take to make sure that she is going #2 and not being clogged up, (that's what I thought it was originally) and to help with the infection. They gave her, Metoclopramide tabs 5 mg and Baytril tabs 22.7 mg. anyone familiar with these??
I feel like a horrible person, I should've taken her myself, this would've never happened...
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I am not famaliar with those meds so I am sorry I am no help. But I do send get well wishes to your baby
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Metoclopramide is Reglan, a medication used to treat upset stomach, nausea and heartburn. Oddly enough, one of the side effects of this medication is diarrhea, so you may want to watch out for that. Baytril is a broad-spectrum antibiotic appropriate for many types of bacterial infections, among them, the common urinary tract bacterias. It can also cause stomach upset after several days of use, and again, diarrhea may result.

Sending healing thoughts to your little one,

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They gave her these meds for a supposed bladder infection and to make sure that she wasn't constipated. One is a 1/2 a tab 2 times a day for 4 days, the other is one tab once a day for 7 days. She doesn't seem to have loose stool as of yet but I'll be looking out for that.
Thanks for the thoughts!
She's not a happy cat. She was hissing and trying to pick fights with the other cats last night so I called the vet and they said that it might be that she's unhappy about everything that happened in the last couple of days but to keep an eye on her. We had her in our room all day today and she never went potty, but when I got home, she came out and did, and seemed ok so I wonder if that is the cause. I hope so, she is worrying me alot..
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Poor Isis had a rough time of it.
I am sending lots of healing, calming thoughts to you both.
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