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Need infor from experts

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I don't breed cats and don't know about genetics. Can someone who breeds tell me what produces kittens that look full blooded siamese when in fact their parents are mixed breed.

For example, the mom and six kittens I just recently rescued. Mom is torti and siamese mix w/blue eyes. Her kittens are 1 seal pointw/blue eyes, 3 flame point w/blue eyes, 1 orange tabby w/gold eyes and 1 black w/green eyes.

Also, another feral mom that I take care of had a litter of kittens that were all beautifully marked like snow shoe siamese. The mom is gray and white. I don't know who the dad was. This mom, who is absolutely impossible for me to trap to spay and neuter, had another litter. This time she had 2 seal point kittens w/blue eyes, 1 tabby, 1 black and 1 black/white. Also, this mom had 2 kittens that resembled munchkins. I actually trapped one and kept in because when the rest of the litter was 5 months old, she still looked 3 months old. She's a year now and is the size of a 5 month old and has short legs.

I'm just curious why some mixed breeds produce these pure breed looking cats. I think I can understand why the siamese mix mom would, but am stumped by the gray and white mom having all these beautiful babies. I don't see any siamese males around her, only black or orange or tabby males.

Also, aren't purebred siamese born white, then as they age obtain their coloring? These little siamese looking kittens are born with the coloring.

If anyone can answer me I'd appreciate it. I'm just curious.

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It's true that the points come from the siamese. It's also true that pointed cats come out almost white with no markings. If a kitten has coloring from birth, it just means that it's not a "true" pointed cat. More than likely it's a pointed and white. All it takes is for 2 parents to carry the pointed gene in order to create pointed offspring. There's a chance that these domestic cats somewhere in thoer history have siamese. When it happens with domestic cats, we usually say it's a natural point. If you could get pictures of them, I could tell you what I think
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The point gene is and "incomplete dominant" which means that the gene "mixes" with recessive genes. This is why sometimes a pointed cat who mates with a tabby will produce a cat with tabby points, or why an and-white who mates with a pointed cat will get a "snowshoe" type cat.

This does not answer your question, of course. I just think cat genetics are fascinating and wanted to share a little of what I have learned in my many hours of research! :tounge2:

I had a foster who was a beautiful calico. She mated with an orange tabby. She had two kittens - another beautiful calico like herself, and a stunning tortie-point. I wish I had pics of Boosie (the tortie-point) but they were in my pre-cyber days! Don't know where those "point" genes were hiding!
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