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Question for 8 week old kittens

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Storms kittens are now 8 weeks old today. But shes caring them around by there neck, mainly the bottom of there neck not the back/top. I wouldnt be worried but there's scabs on there neck now. I really dont no why shes still trying to cary them cuz there to big and she ends up draging them, but is it normal for her to be doing this when there 8 weeks old? And for there to be scabs on there necks? *bites lip*
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The scabs no, but when I was younger I noticed our moms carry the cats till they really couldnt or till they no longer nursed so to me it is normal...
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Where is she carrying them or for what reason does it seems she's doing it?
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She doesnt seem to be doing it for a reason. She just picks them up, mainly Shadow(one of the greys) and brings him/them where ever she seems to want to then holds him down, cleans him then gets up and walks away, while the kitten stays there and doesnt move, freaks me out when they dont move. She does it from upstairs, and Im just worried that shes going to drop one down the stairs one day.
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I have had a queen do this when she went into heat again. She could be displaying signs of heat cycle.
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If I understand your answer, she keeps bringing them downstairs when they are upstairs.

Can you keep them downstairs to avoid her having to do this, or do it as far?
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Most of the time its from when there upstairs, but thats where they were born and the tend to sleep up there in my room. She fine when I'm sleeping up there with them, doesnt try to move them but when I'm not she seems to move them downstairs if there sleeping. But its not just upstairs, Shadow sleeps in the corner where the computer is and she'll pull him out and bring him into the living room, or close to it. I just dont want her to hurt them.
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Hmm... Maybe kitten-size collars would discourage her...

But I would try this supervised, and with safety collars; because if she picks up a kitten by the collar, it could make life very difficult for said kitten till you made her let go.

She is still cleaning her kittens; so naturally she wants to drag them out of their hiding spots to do so.
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You can get kitten sized collars? I didnt no that. I'll try that and see if it works if she doesnt stop in the next few days.
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