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Would someone like to save these cats?

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From their owners?

The wedding ends cats bliss
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THAT'S a marriage, made in heaven. What's wrong with having four cats? Kids, cats, me - its a package deal. Don't want the whole package? I don't don't need YOU. Poor kitties!
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Hmmmmmm......... why can't they keep the cats??? Very strange ..... Has anyone tried contacting them?

I just did a post on their board, but it has to be approved -- I'm curious what they will have to say@
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Poor Mr. Kitten & Stevie. Giving up 4 cats clearly shows that these people are not capable of making a lifetime commitement, but they are getting married.

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That is really sad....I don't understand why they can't keep all four cats.
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Poor kitties. Good thing neither of them have any kids, I guess.
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Yack!! I don't get it! She says that she had her cats for 6 years and want to give them up!!! What's wrong with her????

I am disgusted... I would love to have these cats! I have 3, what's 2 more? But as you know I am in Portugal... It's almost as I was on another planet...
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I guess their kitties don't mean much to them. Maybe it's better that they do find another home for them.

When me and Brian first started dating I had only one cat at the time, Benny. Benny hated Brian, he'd run away from him if he'd approach him, if I was petting Benny and he saw Brian he'd run. I thought maybe that Benny was just scared of the new guy.

A few months back Brian told me that when we first started seeing each other he didn't like cats!! I had no idea!! He put up with them for me but now he loves them. He always thought they were mean and didn't do anything.

Now we have 4 cats together and he adores every single one.
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I feel sorry for those poor kitties. Why not just keep all 4 of them? I certainly wouldn't just give up my cats after 6 years. Hopefully they will both go to a good home and have someone who will love them more.
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I read this post and immediately got pissed off. What the hell is wrong with these two dopes?
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I don't understand what the "difficulty" is in having four cats. Hmmm, clearly it's not financial judging from all the conspicuous consumption being bragged about on that self-centered, self-important website. It's certainly not due to allergies or one of the partners not liking cats, since they BOTH have them and are giving them up. It's hard to tell from that ridiculous "tour" how big their apartment will be, but it looks much larger than my dinky littel 800 sq ft place. You know, the one that houses FOUR CATS.


They make me sick.
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You made me giggle when I read your post, and I so agree with you. Did you get a load on their register page "the best wedding gift you could possibly give us is to take our cats?" Bleck!
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I tried to send them an email to let them know what I think about them... Guess what... only "registerd and authorized" users can send sem emails....

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I registered, and sent them an email, but no response yet!
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Bah!! They did't approve my registration.... I wonder why???
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People like that make me sick. I'm a package deal, if I get married my future wife must like cats, otherwise it isn't going to work. My former fiancee didn't like cats and said that when we got married the cat would have to go. Pfft, I split up with her the following day, and I didn't feel to bad about it either.

Course I cared for her, but when all said and done Suki is a responsibility and she comes even before me, so I had to say goodbye to my fiancee :/ Ah well, plenty of cat lovers out there
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Exactly!! I was a package deal too... I hadn't any cats when I started living with my future husband but I told him I would certainly have cats... Although at that time he didn't know zip about cats, he said ok...

A few months later I found an abandonned kitty ( ) and... no problem... There was a time when we had 4 cats, now three alas... My husband is now a cat lover, he coudn't live without a cat on his lap when he watches TV or when he takes nap... And he loves every minute of it!
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My current g/f and I live together, and she likes Suki. But Suki doesn't like her. I suspect she's jealous. We've been together for a number of years, but I had Suki before we met. We now refer to each other on forms as husband and wife, although we aren't married.

Now I must recant a story about a cat we had at home many years ago, called Sammy. She was adorable, a black and white moggie with paws that wouldn't quit Anyway when she was brought home she settled in with no problems. But one afternoon our neighbour pooped over and could't tell us for laugh about what she'd seen Sammy doing. Apparently she'd climbed up the net curtains and all you could see was the nets moving, then all of a sudden her little head popped up over the top. Aw I would have loved to have seen that.
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