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My 2 orphaned kittens will not poop. I get them to urinate everytime I go to help them relieve themselves, but still have not succeeded in getting to go poo! Any suggestions on how I can do this? Thanks for y'all help!!!
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I don't know how long it has been since they pooped, so I'll suggest a call to a vet, in case there is blockage.

While waiting for a call back, try to massage their lower tummy, in circular motions, working your way to their rumps, it exercises the muscles that control pooping. (Sorry, didn't know how to put it...lol)
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I also suggest a call to the vet and others here have noticed that bottle feed babies seem to go a few days between stools.
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How long have they not pooped for?

Also, how long are you stimulating them? Sometimes it takes longer to get them to poop, even if they urinate right away.
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