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Interviews already!

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Well, I have some (potentially) good news.
I decided to be more proactive than usual in my job search and began networking with the president of our local SHRM (Society of Human Resource Managers), hoping that maybe I could get some leads on any open HR positions.

Well, today I got the call from the HR Manager of a national food company (based here in Savannah) who will be hiring her own replacement. She said because I speak Spanish, that made me a good candidate (90% of their employees are Hispanic) and offered me an interview for this Weds!!!!

AHHH, I am so excited! A job as an HR Manager for a large corporation?!?! Are you KIDDING me?!?!

If anyone has any vibes they can spare for this interview, I'd really REALLY appreciate it! Thank you everyone for being there for me through this whole work craziness!
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Woo-Hoo! Prayers have been sent!
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<<<<<vibes>>>>>> Good luck!!!!
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Sending lots of vibes. Good luck!
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Good luck Amy!! That's fabulous that you're already getting interviews!
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Best of luck Amy! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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Oh Amy vibes definitely on their way!!!! That's wonderful news, I'll be keeping everything crossed for you for Wednesday. You'll just wow them!
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Thats great Amy! GOOD LUCK!!
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Good news Amy and best of luck!
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Good luck, hope it goes well.
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Happy interview!!!
May it need to be your only one

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Thank you so much everyone! This would be a sweet job, to say the least! I appreciate y'alls support!
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You know we're all here for you Amy!!
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sending lots of good luck vibess!!!!

Hope you get it!
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Good luck Amy! Clearly, you rock to be getting such a sweet interview already.
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Wahooo! Sounds great! I'm sure you'll do fantastic!
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Good luck! Actually, I was just looking at maybe venturing into the HR world myself.
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Originally Posted by Russian Blue
Good luck! Actually, I was just looking at maybe venturing into the HR world myself.
Very cool! In the US, HR is projected to be one of the top-3 fastest-growing and most promising industries to work in! Get while the gettin's good!

Thanks again everyone for the continued support . People said that I was in store for better things and now I'm truly starting to believe it! Even if I don't get the job...wow! What an opportunity to get interviewed for this position nonetheless!
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Oh Amy! I sincerely wish you all the luck in the world you really desrve this!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you
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I hope you get it Amy! Sending vibes.
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That is AWESOME Amy!! You will do great!!
{{{{{{Good Interview Vibes}}}}}}
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Excellent news! Sending lots fo good vibes
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You go girl!!!! Believe in yourself as you have more value than you realize!!
That is one thing I have learned from being my own boss compared to the work environment I came from!!
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Amy! Good Luck with the Entreviews!!! and donĀ“t get nervous!!!...
sending good vibes to you!!!)))))))))))(((((((((((((
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That's GREAT news Amy - good luck with the interview
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Wow and sending Amy get this job vibes..
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OK, without jinxing anything ( )....the interview went GREAT! The best part? I am the ONLY applicant that speaks/writes Spanish , which is one of their top criteria (about 90% of the employees are Spanish-speaking).
SOOOOOOOOOOO, I have this incredible feeling about things. Incredible. To top it all off, it starts out at $5K more than I was making in my last job! So thank you ALL for the vibes and prayers! Now I have to sit on pins and needles waiting to hear the results!
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Sounds great Amy!!, I sure hope they call you back soon!
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That's so great Amy! Sure sounds like you have it! Can't imagine they would turn you down!!

You didn't burp real loud or anything in the interview, did you?
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever

You didn't burp real loud or anything in the interview, did you?
You're too funny!

If she doesn't get a call back, then we know she did!
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