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Help - Diahrrea!

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I've noticed diahrrea poopy in the cat litter tray yesterday, this morning and this evening. I've worked out that its Tinkerbelle, who gave birth toa litter of kittens a month ago.

She is acting fine, not vomitting, no other signs of illness except for weight loss which I have attributed to her nursing the kittens. I have started to feed her a bit more to sort this out.

Food wise, she became very fussy about her food a few days ago (FELIX kitten food)..she would eat it in the end out of hunger, but CONSTANTLY wanted scraps off the table when we were eating...I did give her a few pieces of chicken.

Today I decided to change her brand of kitten food and she loved it.

However, I'm really concerned what is causing the diahrrea - whether its change of diet, worms or something more serious.

She had a worming treatment from the vet about 2 months ago. I am waiting for some 'easy kitten wormer syrup' I ordered for the kittens and her.

I read on archive threads that stress can cause diahrrea. She may be a little stressed from the kittens? The do drain her energy! I am trying to start weaning them onto solids as she is getting fed up of nursing them at times. Or she might be stressed as she may be on heat and cannot get out? Are these likely?

How long should I give it before taking her to the vet? Anything I can feed her now to help?

I'm so scared that my baby may be ill.
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changes in food can cause diarrhea, but so can lots of things... you should take her to the vet if it continues. also, be careful worming kittens with products not prescribed by a vet. most over-the-counter preparations can be quite harmful, especially for kittens.
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